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  • Gallipoli centenary approaches

    Gallipoli centenary approaches

    Queensland Doctors and Nurses are urging us to remember their colleagues from World War one

  • Introduce manslaughter charges?

    Introduce manslaughter charges?

    The main construction union is calling for industrial manslaughter charges when workers are killed on site.

  • Bursted water main causes traffic grid-lock

    Bursted water main causes traffic grid-lock

    A burst water main has reduced a major city road to a standstill this morning

  • Parliaments return and new speaker

    Parliaments return and new speaker

    Queensland’s new parliament will sit for the first time next month, with independent MP Peter Wellington to be the speaker

  • Ovarian cancer breakthrough?

    Ovarian cancer breakthrough?

    Women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer have new hope of a cure, thanks to a team of researchers. The disease is extremely difficult to diagnose in the early stages, but a new drug could help

  • In pursuit of safety

    In pursuit of safety

    The State Coroner has recommended changes to Queensland's controversial police pursuit policy

  • Brisbane Olympics?

    Brisbane Olympics?

    South-east Queensland councils may put in an ambitious bid for the 2028 Olympics. Brisbane's Lord Mayor believes we could win and stage a very successful games, after hosting the G20 without a hitch

  • No disaster relief appeal

    No disaster relief appeal

    The Premier has given four charities a total of one million dollars to provide support and services to cyclone ravaged communities in Central Queensland

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