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  • Malaria on the breath

    Malaria on the breath

    Brisbane medical researchers have made a breakthrough which could eventually lead to the elimination of malaria

  • Morcombes' child safety mission

    Morcombes' child safety mission

    Bruce and Denise Morcombe are planning to launch a new child safety program aimed specifically at Indigenous students

  • Nun grilled at Royal Commission

    Nun grilled at Royal Commission

    The head of a Catholic order in charge of the notorious Neerkol orphanage has been grilled at the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse

  • Troops farewelled

    Troops farewelled

    The Prime Minister has officially farewelled 300 Brisbane based troops as they prepare to take up the fight against the Islamic State in the Middle-East

  • Pilot's body found

    Pilot's body found

    Search teams have found the pilot who was killed when his plane crashed north of Gympie, but it'll be at least another day before they can bring Rob Pavan's body out of the crash zone

  • Signed into service

    Signed into service

    Some proud parents have watched their sons and daughters sign up for Army life at a special ceremony in Brisbane

  • Reward for stolen puppies

    Reward for stolen puppies

    A Gold Coast woman is offering a $10,000 reward for the safe return of her bulldog puppies, after callous thieves broke into her home and stole them

  • Orphanage abuse inquiry

    Orphanage abuse inquiry

    A retired bishop has told the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse he feels shame and disgrace over the crimes committed by priests, nuns and workers at Rockhampton's Neerkol orphanage

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