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  • RAW | Gold Coast smash

    RAW | Gold Coast smash

    Two people have died after a crash near the Gold Coast airport

  • RAW | Annerley smash

    RAW | Annerley smash

    A driver has smashed his ute on Waterton St, Annerley

  • Queensland rail turns 150

    Queensland rail turns 150

    Queensland rail turned 150 today and commemorated its very first trip from Ipswich to Grandchester with a surprise for commuters

  • High-flying message

    High-flying message

    The Air Force has joined the fight against family violence with one of its giant transport planes flying over the city today, to remind us of the need to create a safer society for all

  • Allison’s legacy

    Allison’s legacy

    Supporters of murdered Brisbane woman Allison Baden-Clay have launched a new campaign in her name

  • Abuse reporting failure

    Abuse reporting failure

    In a shocking failure in the reporting of child sexual abuse in Queensland state schools, nearly 650 cases of suspected child abuse were supposed to be sent to police, but never made it, due to an error which occurred in the Education Department's co

  • SS Dicky removed

    SS Dicky removed

    The shipwreck of the SS Dicky, a coastal trader and piece of Sunshine Coast history, is being removed from her century old resting site, after falling to the ravages of time, tide and concerns for safety

  • 'Invest in science'

    'Invest in science'

    A QUT graduate who's leading NASA's next mission to Mars, warns Australia is going backwards in science and engineering

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