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  • 51 secs RAW | Dash-cam smash

    RAW | Dash-cam smash

    Raw vision from a car dash-cam after a driver lost control of his car and smashed into a concrete barrier

  • 3 mins Tram strike slows Melbourne

    Tram strike slows Melbourne

    Industrial action stopped trams in Melbourne today for six hours, leaving regular passengers searching for other options.

  • 2 mins Virtual reality police facility

    Virtual reality police facility

    Victoria's police officers are about to take a step into the future at a new virtual reality training complex, officially opened in Craigieburn today.

  • 2 mins  Drunken rampage

    Drunken rampage

    A man who ran down an off duty security guard in a drunken rage, has been jailed for three years, after pleading guilty to ramming his car into the front of a Geelong nightclub.

  • 2 mins Shock plea

    Shock plea

    The horrific criminal history of Sean Price can now be revealed, after the 31 year-old pleaded guilty to rape.

  • 2 mins Plea to stop hoons

    Plea to stop hoons

    Disgruntled residents of Keysborough fear that it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed hooning through their streets, as a local group calls for solutions.

  • 2 mins New TAC campaign

    New TAC campaign

    The TAC has launched a new heartfelt campaign - with the slogan "there's no one someone won't miss", which aims to personalise the lives lost on our roads.

  • 2 mins New evidence in cold case

    New evidence in cold case

    Police say they're closing in on the killer responsible for shooting a taxi driver in what was initially thought to be a robbery gone wrong in 1993.

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