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  • RAW | Newport Rail Yards fire

    RAW | Newport Rail Yards fire

    A fire at the Newport Rail Yards has destroyed a number of century-old carriages

  • Toilet fine slammed

    Toilet fine slammed

    A primary school's plan to punish students, for using the toilet during class time, has been slammed by parents, the school since backtracking, claiming it was an isolated incident

  • Gambling addiction ad campaign

    Gambling addiction ad campaign

    Top Aussie athletes are helping rescue problem gamblers before they destroy their families or lives

  • Contamination scandal

    Contamination scandal

    A fuming Premier has sacked the two bosses at Workcare over the latest contamination scandal at the CFA's Fiskville training facility

  • Melbourne Monopoly

    Melbourne Monopoly

    It's game on for Melbourne, with a new edition of Monopoly set to feature our city. Everyone can get on board with their suggestions on which streets and landmarks should be included

  • Ute slams into police van

    Ute slams into police van

    Two police were injured and a man dramatically arrested, after a stolen ute slammed into police van, after crashing through a roundabout and into parked cars

  • RAW | Snake vs spider

    RAW | Snake vs spider

    Incredible footage has emerged of a redback spider devouring a brown snake it had wrapped up and suspended in its web in Gooroc, Victoria

  • RAW | Fight ends in the Yarra

    RAW | Fight ends in the Yarra

    An incident between a group of men at Crown Casino has left three men in the Yarra River

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