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  • Cash raid

    Cash raid

    Police are warning the public to check their cash after hundreds of fake banknotes were seized during a raid in Belmont

  • 100 thousand lost

    100 thousand lost

    We're being warned against an ATO phone scam that's tricking WA victims into paying off bogus debts

  • FIFO worker found guilty

    FIFO worker found guilty

    A FIFO worker has been found guilty of murdering a man who had a threesome with his girlfriend

  • Pro-vaccination campaign

    Pro-vaccination campaign

    The family of a four week old baby who died of whooping cough have launched a pro-vaccination campaign that has seen change across the nation

  • Debt fear

    Debt fear

    A Perth mother has joined the Salvation Army in calling for the Government to reconsider axing Financial Councillors

  • Swell of the decade

    Swell of the decade

    Western Australia is in the midst of the perfect storm, producing what's being called 'the swell of the decade'

  • Combined forces end pursuit

    Combined forces end pursuit

    A police pursuit has ended in a dramatic arrest in bushland on the outskirts of Perth

  • From far and wide

    From far and wide

    The South West coast has been buffeted by massive waves today with some calling it the swell of the decadeaction

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