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  • Keeping an eye on Perth

    Keeping an eye on Perth

    WA Police will be given an extra set of eyes across the city with instant access to Perth's CCTV cameras

  • American sailors dock at Fremantle

    American sailors dock at Fremantle

    5,000 American sailors that have docked in Fremantle after an 8 month stint at sea fighting ISIL in the Middle-East

  • Riot control

    Riot control

    Out of control parties have become a regular occurrence on weekends in Perth with police officers continually called out to break-up drunken and violent crowds

  • Search for missing prospector

    Search for missing prospector

    The family members of a prospector who was found dead and his wife who is still missing have made a public appeal for help

  • Donovan's conviction recalled?

    Donovan's conviction recalled?

    A 54-year-old man could face trial over a freeway crash that killed a motorcyclist despite pleading guilty

  • Phone emergency

    Phone emergency

    Northbridge Police have been receiving some odd emergency calls, the only problem it's Northbridge, Massachusetts

  • Centenarian award

    Centenarian award

    The nation's highest Anzac honour has been awarded to a West Australian centenarian who served in world war two as a nurse. Last night Anne Leach was celebrated at a sunset service. Rebecca Munro was there.

  • Parkinson's sufferer robbed

    Parkinson's sufferer robbed

    The victim of a violent home invasion says he's overwhelmed by the outpouring of community support

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