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  • Driving madness

    Driving madness

    Speeding, mounting curbs, driving on the wrong side the road and ramming police cars is something from Hollywood, but today it's a scene that played out in Perth's northern suburbs.

  • Privacy concerns?

    Privacy concerns?

    WA Police could gain real time access to private CCTV cameras If a state government crime fighting strategy is implemented

  • Dolphins freed

    Dolphins freed

    A pair of dolphins has been rescued after getting stuck in a Mandurah lake.

  • Robber on the run

    Robber on the run

    A suspected armed robber led police on a massive manhunt through Victoria Park today

  • Fight for life

    Fight for life

    Witnesses have described the horrifying moment they saw a man on fire as he ran from his burning car in Wattle Grove

  • Damaging historic area?

    Damaging historic area?

    Guildford locals are up in arms over a proposal to double height restrictions on the Guildford Hotel redevelopment

  • Flames engulf home

    Flames engulf home

    A family of five has escaped unharmed from their burning Hocking home

  • Home destroyed

    Home destroyed

    The arson squard is investigating a suspicious house fire which has destroyed a property in clackson

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