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  • Multiple gang robberies

    Multiple gang robberies

    Residents in Sydney's west have been left terrorised after a group of young thugs carried out a series of violent robberies overnight

  • Powerful words change curriculum

    Powerful words change curriculum

    A letter from a 14-year-old girl whose mother took her own life following years of domestic violence has had a big impact

  • Hiding plans?

    Hiding plans?

    Residents are accusing the state government of trying to sneak through a change to the route in Sydney's new M4 East Tunnel taking the project right under their homes

  • Ice damage

    Ice damage

    There were terrifying scenes for a family in Sydney's South overnight when a stranger high on ice burst into their home and started tearing it apart

  • Great white out of nowhere

    Great white out of nowhere

    There has been a second shark attack on the northern New South Wales coast just 24 hours after a bodyboarder was mauled at Ballina yesterday

  • First shop opens at Barangaroo

    First shop opens at Barangaroo

    Three and half years since construction began on Barangaroo the first retailer has opened for business

  • Ferocious force in the split of a second

    Ferocious force in the split of a second

    A young man is in hospital tonight fighting for every breathe after being attacked by a shark on our north coast

  • Road safety improvements

    Road safety improvements

    There've been calls today for our major retailers to be held accountable for the deaths on our roads each year due to trucks

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