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  • Courthouse gun ban challenge

    Courthouse gun ban challenge

    Police are furious they're still not allowed to carry their guns in one of the city's most dangerous places. When an officer enters a courthouse, their firearm is taken off them, a practice security experts say is ludicrous

  • Work begins on new luxury hotel

    Work begins on new luxury hotel

    There was a new milestone today in the $3.5b transformation of Darling Harbour with work beginning on a new luxury hotel

  • Blood led to cold case arrest

    Blood led to cold case arrest

    A single drop of blood not much bigger than a pin head that has sat in an evidence box, gathering dust for more than 30 years may finally have solved one of Sydney's most terrifying crime sprees

  • Jury finds Castaneda not guilty

    Jury finds Castaneda not guilty

    A woman who says she killed her fiancé after years of domestic abuse has been found not guilty of manslaughter

  • Sydney Afternoon Newsbyte

    Sydney Afternoon Newsbyte

    Senior Liberals are refusing to publicly back Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, despite her apology today to the Australian people. This and more in TEN's Afternoon Newsbyte

  • Sydney Lunchtime Newsbyte

    Sydney Lunchtime Newsbyte

    68-year-old Leonard Warwick has appeared on 32 charges relating to the Family court bombings of the 1980s. This and more in TEN's Lunchtime Newsbyte

  • Sydney Swans players

    Sydney Swans players

    Co-captain Jarrad McVeigh has come out in support of his mate Adam Goodes

  • Off-the-plan apartment boom

    Off-the-plan apartment boom

    There's been an explosion in the number of people buying apartments off-the-plan in Sydney

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