The 5 Best Will They or Won’t They Couples

Published: 11 November 2013

will they or wont they ncis ziva tony

This week it’s the season finale of Wonderland and it looks like we might finally get the answer to Tom and Miranda’s "Will They or Won’t They" question. But before we find out if they will or will not, here are our five favourite TV romances that (eventually) did… or did not.

Warning - Some spoilers below

5. Fry and Leela - Futurama


Fry pursued Leela incessantly throughout the entirety of Futurama, but somehow his stalking came across as cute, not creepy. This was a couple that should never have worked, but despite the 1,000 year age gap, Fry and Leela eventually discovered that they only had eye for each other. (We just couldn’t resist an eye joke).

Did They or Didn’t They?
They did. The two got married in the beautiful final episode.

4. Tony and Ziva - NCIS

ziva tony ncis 

Despite the (often hilarious) language and cultural barriers, the chemistry between these two was as potent as the threats they faced together. Their relationship may have grown amidst bullets, chaos and murder, but they always had time to laugh… mostly at each other.

Did They or Didn’t They?
They didn’t, sadly. In Ziva’s amazing last episode, they shared a Casablanca-tinted goodbye at an airport, with a final heartbreaking kiss as Ziva prepares to start her life over.

3. Carrie and Mr Big – Sex and the City

sex and the city carrie big 

This was never a question of will they or won’t they get it on (because they did that over and over again), but more a question of will they or won’t they commit. Through six seasons and that first movie, the couple experienced more ups and downs than a walk home after 10 cosmos.

Did They or Didn’t They?
They did, eventually. Despite Aidan, Natasha and then the altar incident.

2. Jim and Pam – The Office

the office

Picking up from the successful template set down by Tim and Dawn in the UK version of The Office, Jim and Pam’s relationship started with one of the most agonising will they or won’t they plots. Who didn’t want to slap Pam around for not noticing how right Jim was for her compared to her neglectful, slobby fiancé?  

Did They or Didn’t They?
They did, and unlike the other couples on this list, they put us out of our misery very early on, getting together permanently by the end of Season 2.

1. Ross and Rachel - Friends

ross rachel 

The couple that defined the phrase “will they or won’t they”, Ross and Rachel’s relationship went through more turbulence than the plane from Lost. Looking back, they actually spent more time apart than together, despite getting drunkenly married and having a child. But if you weren’t rooting for them to end up together in the end, then you’re probably dead inside.

Did They or Didn’t They?
They did, then they didn’t, then they did again (kinda), then they didn’t and finally, they did.


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