Breaking Down TEN's Logilicious Contenders

Published: 13 April 2017

Logies, 2017

Good luck getting into a salon or a dry cleaner between now and April 23, as the TV Week Logie Awards are upon us. The people have spoken, the nominees announced, and with so much Ten talent on the ticket, we couldn’t be more proud. Let’s take a look at the lads and lady going for Gold

Waleed Aly

Journalist, TV presenter, academic and cracking guitar player, The Project’s Waleed Aly was 2016’s Gold Logie winner. After last years’ unforgettable acceptance speech and another year delivering news to the public in one of the most accessible and entertaining ways, it’s no surprise the hugely popular presenter has found himself nominated again.

When is one ever enough? When it comes to the coveted Golden Logie, the answer is never.

Peter Helliar

After almost two decades in television, Peter Helliar has attended many an Awards night, even receiving a few Silver Logie nominations, but never that sough-after Gold.

The Project’s in-house comedian, Pete diffuses tense moments between panellists using jokes timed with incredible precision, and often at his own expense. He’s up there with TV’s warmest and funniest and even though he’s up against his fellow co-presenter, a win for Pete would still be a win for Waleed.

Jessica Marais

As The Wrong Girl’s Lily, Jessica Marais seriously stole some hearts; in the show, and outside of it. The only woman to be nominated for the Gold Logie in 2017, she’s proved time and again that beautiful women can also be very funny.

If not already, she’s fast becoming an industry treasure; the more we see her on screen, the more she wins us over. It’s arguably the kind of adoration we’ve only seen once before, showered on a certain fictional doctor with a hectic love life, a crazy family, and some very loud thoughts…

Grant Denyer

His energy knows no bounds; his smile could beat global warming in a race to melt the ice caps. The race car-driving host of Family Feud and The Great Australian Spelling Bee has received numerous Logie nominations for Best Presenter in a television career spanning two decades, but this year is the first year he goes for the Gold.
A presenter who never shies away from playing the clown in order to make people laugh, could this be the year Grant makes it across the Logie Awards most prestigious finish line?

The 2017 TV Week Logie Awards Take Place April 23