Neighbours Crime Poll: Who Killed Hamish Roche?

Published: 16 November 2017

neighbours suspects

He lied, cheated and manipulated his way through Erinsborough until someone put a stop to him that was very final. Found dead in the Canning family spa, the list of Hamish Roche’s murder suspects is long. Who do you think did it?

Tyler Brennan

The biological son who desperately wanted a father that loved him, and instead found one that manipulated him, destroyed all other relationships in his life, had a hand in killing his other father, all because he wanted to steal his boat.

Fay Brennan

The woman who had an affair with Hamish and who went on to keep their resulting love child, Tyler, a secret from him. Hamish may have killed her ex-husband and manipulated her son, was this enough to enrage the motheress to murder?

Mark Brennan

Tyler’s protective older brother and a police officer who’s been known to tamper with evidence for the people he loves. How far would he go to protect his little brother and avenge the death of his father?

Amy Williams

With all her money sunk into new business venture, Amy really needed Hamish’s investment. What she didn’t need was for Hamish to orchestrate medicinal marijuana to arrive at the Wellness Centre at the same time as the press. He almost destroyed her livelihood – did she go looking for revenge?


Hamish’s partner in love and crime. It looks like she already killed Russell Brennan for him, but when she discovered he was draining her bank account, sleeping with Sheila, and then poisoned her with peanuts so she’d keep quiet, was it enough to make her kill again?

Sheila Canning

Used by Hamish in the most base of ways, Sheila became his lover, realising too late that she was merely part of his ruse. Cannings are made of tough stuff – tough enough to drown a man in spa?

Gary Canning

Gary received a distress call from his mother on the night of the murder, and the two have taken drastic measures to sort out an alibi for Hamish’s time of death. Gary’s a good man, but he’s committed crimes when he thought it would look after his loved ones. Would he kill someone for, in a way, soiling his mother’s honour?

Gnome Of The Above

There’s always the chance that all these people are innocent and the real killer hasn’t even come on our radars yet. So, who killed Hamish at the Cannings’, in the spa, with a garden gnome?

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