Neighbours Poll: Vote On Terese's Love Life

Published: 09 October 2017

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven

A conflicted Terese is about to marry Gary, but she’s crumbling under the weight of her history with Paul. Which man would make the better marriage?

Paul and Terese seem to have a lot in common – but does ‘a lot’ really just boil down to ruthless ambition in the pursuit of a successful career?

Terese and Gary seem as though they’re from different worlds – but did Terese not come from nothing and build her way up in life?

Paul and Gary seem like totally different people – but are they not both family men who will do anything to protect those they love, even if that means jail time?

Gary is an ex-con – Paul is a con-artist.

Paul is better at handling life-threats, like cancer – Gary is better at getting in touch with his emotions.

Paul and Terese’s similarities could make them an explosive couple.

Gary and Terese’s differences could make them the same.

Which relationship would be the more stable, loving and healthy one?

Who should Terese choose? Have your say below. 

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