Wonderlust: Tom and Miranda’s Dating Dance

Published: 20 May 2015

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The path to true love seldom runs smooth and in the case of Wonderland’s Tom and Miranda, a few human speed bumps have blocked the way. Ahead of tonight’s series finale, we assess the significant others who have thrown fuel on the burning question of ‘Will they or won’t they?’

Tom and Kristen

Wonderland wedding Kristen Tom

Ah, the age-old tale of girl proposes to boy, boy balks, girl runs… True love it most definitely wasn’t for commitment-phobe Tom and eager beaver Kristen. That Miranda appeared on the scene around the time of their turbulent parting of the ways was coincidental; the incompatibility force was strong with these ones.

Miranda and Adam

Exes have a way of complicating things and when Adam re-entered Miranda’s picture looking for a second chance, she and Tom definitely took a backwards step. Thankfully Adam 2.0 proved as controlling as he was uncharismatic, and thus almost indistinguishable from Adam 1.0. No wonder, then, that when presented with a proposal of her own, Miranda said goodbye for good.

Miranda and Max

Straying from her usual good girl path, Miranda took a walk on the wild side with Max, who turned out to be a wolf in James Dean clothing. Despite initially refusing to accept that she was the rebel without a clue in their relationship, Miranda finally took off the blinkers and saw through Max’s duplicitous ways, putting the skids on their smouldering smooch-fest.

Tom and Sasha

Season 3 Episode 11

She ripped out his heart, ground it under her stiletto and still Tom can’t get enough. All the warnings in the world couldn’t deter him from trusting that wild cat Sasha had changed her spots. Instead, she pounced onto his comatose best mate Steve, which any wedding planner will tell you is on no groom’s gift list. Will Tom get wise to their inebriated indiscretion before it’s too late? Or will they tie an unholy knot and cut a first dance rug to ‘Twisting the Knife Away’?

Tom and Miranda?

A bet, a kiss, a bust-up, a make-up, a fantasy, enough charged glances to power a nuclear plant, more arguments and considerably more touchy-feeliness than is generally considered platonically appropriate. It’s been quite a journey for the star-crossed lovers and with an L-bomb dropped – albeit semi-withdrawn – never have they been closer to aligning. Please you two, for the benefit of Wonderfans and Tomanda shippers everywhere, dim the lights tonight, pour out your hearts, throw on some Marvin Gaye and let’s get it on.

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