About The Show

The Big Bash is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. With heaving stadiums packed with crazy cricket-fans. The Big Bash is insanely popular with families in particular, so we thought... what the hang... let's make a BBL show for kids.

Crash the Bash is a cricket show but not about cricket...kinda... It's a show about what happens between the balls, around the overs, in the stands and behind the scenes of the BBL and WBBL.

This summer on Crash the Bash we will whisk our hosts to matches all over Australia. They'll gate-crash the Big Bash party, serving up a kids' show packed with sketches, pranks and international cricket stars acting like you've never seen before.

Of course, we'll cram in highlights of EPIC SIXES, RIDICULOUS CATCHES and SICK RUNOUTS. But this show will have a nose for the weird, wonderful and way-out. From stubborn seaguls that refuse to leave the pitch, to watermelon chomping kids that become overnight viral stars. If it's goofy, funny or freaky, its in.