It Ain't Easy Being Nude: Looking for Love in Dating Naked's Season Finale

Published: 04 December 2015

dating naked

The path to true naked love is fraught with emotional upheaval and physical arousal. As the Dating Naked season finale prepares to lay feelings bare, what lies ahead for its sizzling sextet, and will Chris and Kerri finally get their happy ending?


Season 2’s original islander, aka Nudist 0, Chris isn’t quite sure what he wants, who he wants, or possibly where he is. Ignore the million-dollar smile and heed the vacant stare: this man is blind to the naked truth that eyes could be lost in the catfight for his lukewarm affection. But who will those blinkered peepers belong to, and frankly our dears, will Chris give a damn?

Language of love: “Can we have a little f**king fun?”

Dating Naked Finale


The Eve to Chris’ Adam, Kerri hasn’t let a fig leaf come between her and exhausting the romantic and positional possibilities. 10 weeks adrift from her clothes has done nothing for her clarity; right now Dan’s her man, but is he about to be unsaddled by Mason, the naked cowboy who’s poised to re-enter the rodeo? All Kerri knows is that her heart says maybe.

Language of love: “I’m very confused. You’re absolutely right about that.”

dating naked season 2 tenplay


Las Vegan beauty Elissa is certainly buying what Chris is selling. Sadly he seems more of a short-term lease kinda guy. She’s convinced she has the upper hand in her tug of love with Kerri, but she’ll have a whole new storm to weather when Hurricane Fallon hits the island. Who will survive, and what clothes will be left on them?

Language of love: “Am I scaring people off, or are you?”

Dating Naked Finale


Mean, lean and most definitely keen, Fallon was previously shown the shore by Chris for her anger management issues. Now she’s coming back to claim what she believes is rightfully hers, confirming that personal growth isn’t her strong suit. Time may have fanned the flame of her love for Chris, but has it cooled her temper?

Language of love: “You got fake boobs, fake arse, fake hair, fake lashes, at least have a real f**king personality.”


Once described by Kerri as “the complete package”, it’s time to find out if Dan’s package is all she’s interested in. Our crystal balls see dark times and Jack Daniel’s in this pretty boy’s future. His ship has come in so far, but can Dan’s mast stay standing when he crashes into Mason’s rock-hard abs?

Language of love: “Don’t get in my face. Don’t get in my face. Don’t get in my face.”

Dating Naked Finale


Still looking for a place to hang his hat, zen cowboy Mason has giddy-upped back to the island. His mission: to love abundantly. Woe betide any naked body who crosses this amateur fauxlosopher, who talks like he was kicked in the head by a bull whilst reading Sartre. He wants to get back on the horse, but will Kerri have him?

Language of love: “I said don’t touch the hat.”

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