Neighbours: The Drama Continues in Exclusive 'Summer Stories'

Published: 05 December 2016

Neighbours Summer Stories Episode 1: The Cannings
Neighbours Summer Stories Episode 1: The Cannings
You're watching Neighbours Summer Stories Episode 1: The Cannings Ben pays Xanthe a visit to repair their relationship, but doesn't count on Christmas with the colourful Cannings

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Follow the ongoing adventures of your favourite Neighbours characters before the new season begins in Summer Stories, a 10-part webisode series exclusive to tenplay.

If Neighbours’ Cliffhanger Week left you desperate for the new season to begin, fear not – you don’t have to wait until January to discover the post-finale fates of some of your favourite characters.

Summer Stories will bridge the gap between that unforgettable finale and a drama-filled new year in Erinsborough. With new episodes released every Monday and Thursday, fans can look forward to five bespoke stories featuring a host of beloved Ramsay Street residents.

Kicking off today with a memorable chapter in the life of those colliding Cannings, future Summer Stories will feature the likes of Amy, Karl and Susan, Tyler and Piper, and of course Toadie, as he struggles to piece together a mystery following the finale’s Dee-related bombshell.

Each story will also feature a 2016 recap to remind viewers of what’s befallen the character in the spotlight this year, as well as a teaser of what their future holds in 2017.

Episode one is available to watch now, exclusively on tenplay. Let the summer stories begin...