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April Rose Pengilly as Chloe Brennan


Chloe Brennan, 26, is the third child and only daughter of Russell and Faye Brennan and sister to Mark, Aaron and Tyler. She loved her carefree childhood in Port Lincoln playing rough and tumble games with her brothers on the beaches and bushland surrounding their family home. In many ways, her young life has always been about trying to recapture the fun freedom and escapist adventure she experienced as a child.

Everything changed when her parents split up. She was twelve years old and on the brink of puberty when she was wrenched away from her family home and taken to live in Adelaide with her mother. After this point, she virtually had no contact with her father and only saw her brothers on holidays. As she advanced into adolescence, she took on the traits of an only child, and her brothers began to feel more like cousins than siblings.

After finishing High School, Chloe thought about going to University and studying something or other, but she decided to take a gap year instead and it’s never really ended. Like all good Australians, she first went to London and quickly found work in a pub, but having the natural ability to talk to anyone and everyone, and an incessant desire for stimulation and change, she soon found herself doing far more interesting things. From being a nanny to the children of a lesser-known royal, to working on a yacht owned by a B-grade movie star, she’s had plenty of jobs and plenty more adventures, and will happily tell you about them, always embroidering on the excitement and fun, and glossing over the fact that they almost always ended in disaster.

Like her mother, Chloe would prefer to run away and live in denial than deal with anything that’s emotionally difficult. This has extended to her romantic life. She’s had many lovers, both male and female, some that have lasted longer than others, but because of her lingering “daddy-issues” she struggles with intimacy, and has learnt that the safest way to protect your heart is to never get too close.

Chloe is effortlessly stylish and beautiful - the kind of person who can throw on a ten-dollar dress and look a million bucks. Her style is casual feminine boho chic. Think Teresa Palmer and Sienna Miller and the majority of female punters at the Coachella Festival. She’s also one of those annoying people who wolfs down food and never exercises and always remains slender and gorgeous. She tends to be slobbish around the house and is constantly losing things, but she never stresses about it. After all, stuff is just stuff, so who cares?

Chloe’s a whirlwind of creative energy and will doing anything for a story. Her greatest gift is that she knows how to cheer people up and make them laugh. But like most comedians, hiding behind the laughter, is a deep vulnerability and fear of being hurt..

April Rose Pengilly

April began her career as an internationally successful model, working in New York, London and Tokyo, shooting with world-renowned photographers such as Rankin and Terry Richardson, and being selected for many prestigious roles, including ambassador for leading Australian department store David Jones and face of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (now Virgin Atlantic Melbourne Fashion Festival).

April then turned her focus to acting study and was soon cast in her first major role, in the feature film LBF (2010). The film premiered internationally at South By Southwest, and in Australia as part of the 2011 Sydney Film Festival.

April has since appeared in numerous films and TV series, include the Channel 7 acclaimed mini-series Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door, Channel 10’s mini-series Brock and short films including Jinxed, Duffy and Object, which featured at the Cannes and St Tropez Film Festivals, and at Australians in Film showcases in Los Angeles in both 2014 and 2015.

April was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars (2014) and has been nominated for PETA’s annual Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Award. She has worked with charities including RSPCA and PETA, and is an ambassador for the charity Alzheimer’s Australia. April also has a fashion/lifestyle blog, which was a finalist in the Ultrabook Pedestrian.TV Blogster Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

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