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Takaya Honda as Dr David Tanaka 

David, late 20s, is the twin brother of Leo Tanaka. Born in Parramatta to a loving and ambitious mother, David understood from an early age that he was expected to get into medicine and excel.  

David has worked hard to earn his residency at Westmead Hospital and is a talented and caring doctor. But an adolescence spent with his head buried in the books meant that he missed out on the normal teenage rites of passage. As a result, David struggles at times to read social cues and feels self-conscious around people that he does not know.  

Good looking, highly intelligent and kind - David is a catch. Not that he seems aware of the attention he attracts. Losing himself in his work, David avoids intimacy. But the question of who he really is – what he really wants - will be tested when he forms some unlikely friendships in Erinsborough.

Takaya Honda

Takaya Honda could have chosen a very different vocation if it had not been for an inspiring drama teacher at Barker College who ignited his passion for performing.

As a talented baseball player in his teens, Takaya looked towards playing at an American college, but found himself drawn to acting, television and film. He completed a Bachelor of Communications at the University of Technology Sydney and was a founding member of the Sport For Jove Theatre Company.

The 28-year-olds’s film and television credits include roles in A Gurls World, The Code, My Great Big Adventure, Boyz and SBS’s hit series The Family Law. Takaya’s singing and improvisation skills scored him a role on Play School for the program’s 50th anniversary, where he starred alongside Lee Lin Chin.

Takaya joined the cast of Neighbours in July as Dr. David Tanaka, alongside his on-screen twin brother Leo (Tim Kano).

Takaya said: “I feel so privileged at this time in my career to join the cast of Neighbours. Learning from such prominent and longstanding Australian talent is truly seeing my dreams fulfilled. I can’t wait for the audience to see what Tim and I bring to the screen and I hope they like watching David as much as I love performing him.”

Born in Canberra, Takaya grew up in Sydney with his brother Koji and parents Kaz and Rhonda. Rhonda was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease five years ago when she was just 53-years-old. Takaya hopes to raise awareness of the debilitating disease and the impact it has on families. 

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