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Sharon Johal as Dipi Rebecchi

Dipi (full name, Deepika) is a ray of sunshine to those around her. Enthusiastic and bubbly, with an infectious lust for life, she always sees the best in people. She’s highly extroverted and loves socialising.  Dipi’s family are central to her life – she adores her husband, Shane (even though he’s very different to her), and she couldn’t be prouder of her three beautiful children. Her other passions in life include Indian astrology, Ayurveda medicine and cooking.

Dipi is over-joyed about finally moving to the ‘big smoke’ of Erinsborough. She’s also incredibly excited to be taking control of her own café and she can’t believe that Shane has made this happen for her…


Sharon Johal

Sharon Johal has been acting since she was 17 while also doing a double degree in Commerce and Law. She was a practising lawyer when she got the role as Dipi Rebecchi.

While acting has always been her passion she was encouraged by her parents to have a profession to fall back on, should her dream not be realised. So in between work as a full time lawyer, and teaching dance and modelling, Sharon appeared in numerous television roles including Winners & Losers, Hartman’s Solution, and several short films Dread, Horoscope and Ecowarrior.

Sharon has also appeared in a number of Bollywood films UnIndian, Tu Mera 22, Meh Thera 22 and went to India as part of a nationwide search for Bollywood actors.  Out of the thousands that auditioned six performers were chosen by a panel of highly esteemed judges to travel to India for a role in Mahest Bhatt Bollywood movie

Sharon was runner up, but rather than be disappointed to have been so close to getting the role it gave her the opportunity to embrace her heritage and confirm her love for performance.

And the role of Dipi could not be more perfect and closer to her real life story. Sharon grew up on a farm (her parents run a vineyard) in the rural South Australian town of Renmark.  Having a dream as a young girl of bright lights and showbusiness was “unimaginable, unthinkable and shut down”. But undeterred the young five-year-old who loved drama and dancing would often call 30-40 local townsfolk to come watch her latest performance and that tenacity continues today.

Thankful now that her parents insisted she get a profession – she chose law as the closest thing to performance – she says that having been to many auditions and many call backs and many rejections getting the role in Neighbours has confirmed that you can never stop believing in yourself or stop striving to realise your passion.

“Finally my dreams are coming true,” says Sharon.  “Literally every single day I wake up so happy to go to work and I am just so grateful that I get to do what I really love and want in life.”

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