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Jodi Anasta plays Elly Conway 

Elly Conway is Susan's niece, the daughter of her sister, Liz. She has visited Ramsay Street in the past, being sent to stay with Karl and Susan as a troubled teen (while her mother was in Sweden for work). She had an unstable upbringing, having never known her father. Though she made friends with Michelle Scully (Steph's sister) and Darcy Tyler, she didn't hit it off with Karl at first - suspecting, wrongly, he was her biological father. We last saw Elly going to Sweden to repair her relationship with her mum.


Now, Elly is all grown up! She's hot, fiery and she's ready to cause a different kind of trouble - specifically she wants to catch Mr Right to solve her uncertain future and prove she's an attractive, successful member of the human race. Elly is a teacher - and a naturally good's just a pity she's more interested in partying - but Elly is clever at covering her flaws with a fun, out-going, positive personality and it'll take a while before Susan suspects her niece isn't quite the "perfect solution".

Jodi Anasta

Jodi Anasta’s career started at the age of 13 after winning a modeling competition landed her a contract with the prestigious Australian modeling agency, Vivien’s. Modeling lead her overseas where she secured work in both Europe and Asia. In 2003 Jodi relocated to Europe, living between London and Milan where success in the fashion arena flourished. 

When Jodi returned to Australia in 2004, she successfully auditioned for the role of Martha Mackenzie in Home and Away and her four years in the role made her a household name. She won the TV Week Logie for Most Popular New Female Talent in 2006. Jodie took to the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars in 2008 and 2009 received her second Logie nomination for Most Popular Actress. 

In 2011 Jodie starred in the critically acclaimed Australian feature film The Cup and followed up with a role in the Working Dog Production, Any Questions for Ben. Other roles include Blood Brothers, Underbelly Badness and more recently Camp and Hiding. 

Jodi, a true style influencer, has fronted campaigns and acted as an ambassador for leading Australian fashion brands including the country’s largest department story Mayer, representing them on the fashion front across PR, advertising and events.

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