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Damien Richardson as Gary Canning 

Gary Canning is an easy-going likeable bloke who enjoys nothing more than lazy afternoons at the pub with a few mates, or long days with a fishing rod at some quiet spot. There isn’t a snobbish bone in Gary’s body; he loves telling a yarn and getting to know people, and is very good at defusing tense situations with a humorous story or joke – a skill that came in handy growing up in a household that included volatile personalities like Sheila and Naomi Canning

It’s very hard to stay angry at Gary for long – he seems so harmless. One thing Gary doesn’t like doing is hard work. He has some skills as a handy-man but never applied them on a consistent basis, and spent his whole life looking for short cuts and trying to make an easy buck rather than knuckling down and doing the nine to five grind. Gary lost countless jobs and opportunities through showing up late, knocking off early, and making mistakes. Gary isn’t stupid – when it comes to talking conspiracy theories, local gossip, movies or sport (he was a good football player when younger) he can debate with the best of them - it’s just when it comes to actual work he couldn’t be bothered: wouldn’t a bloke rather go fishing? 

Gary was close to his parents, Sheila and Frank, though both were frequently exasperated with his lack of ambition and application, and tendency to fall into “bad company”. No matter what he did, however, he could always charm Sheila into forgiving him, much to the annoyance of his sister Naomi. The flipside of this was Gary and Naomi were very close, with brother and sister able to be more honest and open with each other than any other family member. 

When Gary was a teenager he got his then-girlfriend, Sharon, pregnant. At the behest of his parents Gary did the “right thing” and married Sharon, and six months later baby Kyle Canning came into the world. It was not an easy marriage, with Gary feeling trapped and resenting the responsibilities of fatherhood, although he did love Kyle, in his way. For the first eight years of Kyle’s life Gary tried to make it work, but eventually it proved too much and Gary took off. He hasn’t seen his son since. Please note: this character is the biological father of Kyle Canning, brother of Naomi Canning and son of Sheila Canning.


Damien Richardson, graduated from the VCA School of Drama in 1991. He started out in the theatre writing and performing in shows such as “In The Belly of the Whale” which won the Radio National Fringe Award for best new comedy drama at the 1996 Melbourne Fringe and went on to tour the country extensively as did his one man show “Hysteria” . 

Damien has appeared in other well known plays such as “Legacy” and “Slam Dunk” both by Jack Hibberd, in David Williamsons’ “Face to Face” for Playbox, and in Ian Wilding’s “The Water Carriers” at the MTC and “Frankie & Johnny in the Clair de Lune” at 45 Downstairs. He also wrote, directed and performed in his play “Lockup” 

In 2012 he toured Moliere’s “The School for Wives” with Bell Shakespeare. 

In 2004 Damien was nominated for the best supporting actor , AFI Awards, for his portrayal of Ken in “The Secret Life Of Us”. This was followed by lead guest roles in Stingers, Blue Heelers and McLeods Daughters. 

We also saw him as one of the three brothers with Guy Pearce & Joel Edgerton in “The Hard Word”; in a co-lead alongside Marcus Graham in the feature film “Josh Jarman” . His other feature credits include ”Rogue”, ”Noise” and ”The Jammed”, lead role in the US feature “Torn” alongside Costas Mandylor and “Fatal Honeymoon” with Harvey Keitel.

Between 2007-2010 Damien was seen on our television screens as Matt Ryan, in top rating television series “City Homicide”. His other TV credits include ”Conspiracy 365”and “Jack Irish” with Guy Pearce, “Nowhere Boys “ “House Husbands”, “Wentworth Series 3” and “Dr Blake Mysteries” He is now appearing as Gary Canning in “Neighbours”.

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