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Ryan Moloney As Jarrod "Toadfish" Rebecchi

Toadie is the secret genius who covered his childhood boredom with comedy. It’s no surprise he bonded so instantly with adopted son Callum.

A sports loving larrikin with a huge heart, he loathes pretension. Toadie likes helping people and would give a mate the shirt off his back, hence his career as a suburban lawyer. Although he’s flirted with bigger law firms before, Toadie senses he might not be cut-throat enough to make it in the corporate world. He owes a huge personal debt to Karl and Susan who took him in when he was a wild and wayward teen and supported him to find his way in the world. The law appeals to Toad as a way to speak up for those in need: advocacy is his thing. A typical bloke, he likes to fix things.

Toadie would solve all problems with laughter if he could. A resilient self-deprecating sense of humour has often been his only comfort in tough times. He loves a practical joke but is quick to laugh first at his own expense. He’s a natural diplomat and peacemaker. He embodies the principle that you only get out of life what you put in. To this end he will compromise his own happiness for the greater good.

Toadie lives for family and community - it’s where he draws his strength. If they’re happy, he’s happy.
After some false starts and broken hearts on the romance front, Toadie is finally living the Aussie dream with a beautiful home and family. The recent addition of Nell to the Rebecchi brood has brought him and Sonya even closer together.


Ryan Moloney

Ryan Maloney, born 24 November 1979, is an Australian actor who has played Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi in Neighbours since 1995.

Ryan’s first acting experience was with the Merilyn Brend Children’s Teenagers and Adult’s Theatre Company in Melbourne when he was ten years old. He starred in their production The Purple Pumpernickel. His first role in a feature film was in Say A Little Prayer in 1993. He was also involved with the Victorian Police Department’s Films For Schools Youth project for a while.

Ryan has appeared on Rove Live, The Big Breakfast, The Saturday Show and Good Morning Australia, and is renowned internationally. In 2004 he was nominated for a Golden Rose of Montreux award for Best Actor in a Soap.

In 2003 Ryan married his long term girlfriend Alison Hayward and they became parents in 2006. Ryan is a charity worker, working for charities such as Forgotten Children Rescue Foundation, for children based in the Philippines. Ryan is also active in the Down Syndrome Association of Victoria.

In 2005 Ryan starred as Buttons in the pantomime Cinderella at The Marlow Theatre Company in Canterbury, UK and Sheffield Theatre.

Ryan is a big fan of long distance running. 

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