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Cast biog

Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan


Mark Brennan’s career as a police detective came to a dramatic end when he was targeted by corrupt colleagues and forced to go into the witness protection program.

His love-affair with Kate Ramsay came to abrupt holt when she missed the deadline to join him in protective custody and she was led to believe he had been murdered. Two years on, Mark returned to Erinsborough to see if he still had feelings for Kate before settling with his girlfriend Sienna. He disappeared from her life again only to return this year, this time with his sole intention to rekindle his relationship with the only girl he has really loved, Kate Ramsay.

Back on Ramsay Street working as a mechanic at Fitzgerald Motors, Mark's on a mission to track down the killer of his fiancé Kate.

Scott McGregor

Melbourne actor and TV host Scott McGregor initially joined Neighbours in a guest role in 2010 as the diligent Detective Mark Brennan for the series milestone 6000th episode. Very quickly the handsome actor and successful model become one of the show’s most popular characters and was offered a regular role for 12 months.

In 2011 Scott left the series to pursue opportunities overseas and also experience living in another country. He travelled extensively and now bases himself in Los Angeles and Melbourne.

He returned to Ramsay Street briefly last year between commitments and much to the delight of fans and the show’s producers, he will be filming on Neighbours for most of 2014.

In 2005 Scott joined the quiz show Temptation which led to his first presenting role on Holidays For Sale. He later went onto host Fox8’s Blood, Sweat and Gears and has done further presenting roles for Event TV. His acting credits include guest roles on Winners and Losers and the first Underbelly series.

Away from the cameras, Scott enjoys playing and watching Australian Rules, cricket and golf, as well spending time with his close-knit family in Melbourne.

“As the McGregors are expanding with some new nieces and nephews joining the family since I’ve been away, spending time with them in Melbourne also made returning to Neighbours very appealing,” said Scott. “And the fact I really enjoy playing Brennan, it’s a win a win professionally and personally,”

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