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Dan Paris as Drew Kirk

Country boy Drew Kirk originally hailed from the sunny Queensland town of Oakey, before trading in the sheep sheds for a spanner and blue overalls; arriving in Erinsborough in 1998. Turning every girls head, Drew only had eyes for one girl; Libby Kennedy. Their relationship is almost a true tale of Romeo and Juliet; we still get tears in our eyes!

It's fair to say Drew caught the attention of all the single ladies of Ramsay Street. Landing a job at Lou’s mechanic shop, Drew took over the duties of former resident, Ben Atkins. Newly single Anne Wilkinson set her sights on the hunky new mechanic, however Drew did not reciprocate her feelings. Beginning as good mates, Libby and Drew began to bond, and it soon became apparent to the community that Drew had strong feelings for her.


In true soap style, Drew missed his chance to tell Libby how he felt, and she began a relationship with her uni lecturer. Over the course of their relationship, Drew struggled to find the right girl, as his heart belonged to Libby. Dating on and off over the next year, Libby and Drew seemed to be in the perfect place until the arrival of the Scully family in late 1999. Eldest daughter Stephanie Scully fell for Drew, but nothing would stop him from proposing to Libby and in the season finale, before Libby could give him her answer, a fire broke out at the Scully house and Drew rushed in to save young Lolly Allen, suffering injuries.

In the New Year, Drew proposed to Libby again, this time she said yes, but before they could celebrate, fate had other plans as Libby and Steph were involved in a severe bike accident, leaving Libby’s life in the balance. With news that she couldn’t have children, Libby called off the engagement. During this time, Steph decided to confess her true feelings for Drew, who was in shock and told Steph he was still in love with Libby (come on Steph, Libby and Drew were always end game!). Before long, Libby and Drew reunited and the Scottish wedding was one of the most talked about moments in Neighbours’ history.

Moving in together, Libby and Drew tried to have a baby, but after being told that they could never have children, all hope was lost until Libby fell pregnant. Only just surviving the birth of their son Ben, Libby and Drew finally settled down as Ramsay Street’s newest family, until one last trip to Oakey saw Drew fall from his horse, causing severe spinal damage (seriously, the residents of Ramsay Street should stay clear of horses!)


All round nice guy, Drew was a much-loved member of the community, and Libby Kennedy’s first true love. We only wish their love story had the happy ending it deserved!

Most memorable moments:

Unfortunately for Drew, he took part in the full Monty performance, and was left seeing red when the ending didn’t go as planned! Standing naked on stage with nothing but a hat, he had much to say to Lou who was responsible for turning of the house lights before the ending…


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