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Josef Brown As Matt Turner

Matt is a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of guy. He’s an honest, strong, and straight down the line alpha male with a surprisingly deadpan sense of humour. Although he’s the one who disciplines his kids, he’s also capable of great warmth.  Matt’s a country cop with firm values when it comes to the law. His work defines him, and in part, his family. As the traditional patriarch he sometimes rules the house a little like it’s a police station – boundaries keep kids in check and teach them firm life lessons. At least that’s what he thought until Mason got in trouble with the law.  Matt can see the potential in his eldest son; the potential to become a good man and the potential to go completely off the rails. Because of this he’s always ridden Mason harder than he ever has Amber or Bailey. He knows it’s put a strain on their relationship – but deep down he hopes it will help steer Mason in the right direction.  An Aussie through and through, Matt believes in mateship. He can often be stubborn, but is also loyal.  He enjoys being around other people, but likes alone time too. Woodwork is his favourite retreat – he could spend hours locked away in his shed. Working with his hands always helps things make sense to him (something he has in common with Mason).   Matt tends to see the world in black and white terms, with little in between. To him life is simple – a combination of family, friends and work. Blokes like hanging out with him because he’s the life of any neighbourhood barbecue, and women like his strong and ruggedly handsome presence.  Despite all that, Matt has only ever loved one woman - Lauren. 

Josef Brown

Shortly before joining the cast of Neighbours in October 2012, Josef played Charlie Redding in the Gordon Frost Organisation world premiere Australian season of An Officer and a Gentleman, appeared as Dale on Home and Away, was Choreographer on the musical Every Single Saturday and was writer/producer on the seven-part webisode series, At The Fork.

In 2011 Josef appeared as Auctus in the popular TV series, Spartacus - Gods of the Arena and prior to this played Patrick throughout Season One of the Logie award winning ABC TV series Dance Academy.

Though Josef was a soloist with The Australian Ballet, a leading man with Sydney Dance Company and Modern Dans Topluluguu in Turkey, he is perhaps best known for originating the role of Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story on Stage, for which he was awarded Outstanding Performance in a Stage Musical in the Australian Dance Awards.

After completing the Australian tour, Josef went on to open the London West End production - which broke pre-sale box office records - and play the role throughout the USA during its pre-Broadway tour.

In 2003 Josef travelled to Ramallah, Palestine as the recipient of a grant awarded by the Australia Council for the Arts. His film-work Art, During Siege shot throughout Palestine was made into a short-form documentary.

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