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Naomi Canning

Naomi is the youngest child of a big family. She was the apple of her father's eye and was spoilt rotten by the entire family. Naomi had a happy childhood and was raised in a loving environment, but as she hit her teenage years, Naomi became aware that her family home was full of love but short on money. She dreamt of a better life for herself.

She left school to enter secretarial college – because rich men always need a good secretary. Naomi did find a rich man, Charles who also happened to be married. He promised to leave his wife and Naomi believed him – however, her mother Sheila did not and wanting to protect her daughter, Sheila altered Charles’s wife of the affair. Naomi soon lost her job as Charles was forced to stay with his wife who had had control of the money. Naomi blamed her mum for the break-up, and became estranged from her family, especially Sheila.

Five years on, and Naomi is back in Sheila’s life but the reunion is a rocky one.

Morgana O'Reilly plays Naomi Canning

Morgana has enjoyed a flourishing career in film, theatre and television. Since graduating from UNITEC New Zealand in 2006, she has appeared in feature films We Feel Fine and My Wedding and Other Secrets. Morgana played the lead in Housebound which will premiere at the South By South West Film Festival in 2014.

In television, Morgana has held the lead in the Screentime NZ telemovie Safe House and in Comedia Pictures/TVNZ’s Billy, playing the wife of iconic New Zealand comedian Billy T James. Other television credits include Sunny Skies, Nothing Trivial, 1000 Apologies and The Jacqui Brown Diaries.

Morgana debuts on Neighbours in March as the feisty Naomi Canning, a newly created regular character who is the estranged daughter of Sheila Canning played by Colette Mann and cousin of Kyle played by Chris Milligan.

Morgana’s theatre credits include When the Rain Stops Falling, Bare and The Ensemble Project with Silo Theatre, the role of ‘Desdemona’ in Othello with Peach Theatre Company, and The Height of the Eiffel Tower performed in the Auckland Fringe Festival, the New York Fringe Festival and most famously, in people’s homes all over the world as part of ‘The Livingroom Tour’. This enormously successful solo show was devised and written by Morgana and Abigail Greenwood and has received much praise wherever it is shown. The Ensemble Theatre’s Managing Carmen marked Morgana’s debut on an Australian stage.

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