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Stefan Davis as Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson has made and lost a fortune several times over. Intelligent and manipulative, he is a shrewd judge of character, finely tuned to an individual’s weaknesses and motivations. Possibly the most self aware of all the characters, he spends a lot of time observing others. In business, he is ruthless and his manner can swing from charming to vicious in the blink of an eye. Paul takes just as many risks in his personal life. It’s a mess because his love of money and power, coupled with the need for control, ultimately drives his family members away. He is fiercely protective of his loved ones however, and if you cross them you’d better watch your back.

Stefan Dennis

Paul has had several marriages over the years, and has five children (that we know about) to three different women. His first marriage to Terry Inglis (which, like any good love story, ended in him being shot, obviously); his first true love was with Gail, marrying her in 1987; they had three children, Elle, Cam and Robert. After the demise of his relationship with Gail, Paul married Christina Alessi, and the two had a son (Andrew). It is often forgotten but Paul had another child with character Nina Williams (Amy). In 2006 Paul's relationship with son Robert was truly put to the test (yes, the same son who drugged him and left him for dead in a mineshaft, blew up a plane and tried to kill sister Elle). Paul had a difficult relationship with his own father, therefore wanting his children to succeed on his terms – which means accumulating wealth, power and status as a shield to life’s pitfalls.


Since his infamous return in the 2004 season finale, Paul has been the centre of drama in Erinsborough. Having affairs with the married women of Ramsay Street (Liljana, Rosie, and Priya to name a few), Paul has also been in several accidents including a cliff plunge, his leg being amputated, strangled by Harold Bishop and diagnosed with a brain tumour. But what about all the weddings he’s had since his return. He married Lyn Scully in 2006, but left her just hours after the ceremony. After two attempts at marrying Rebecca, the pair tied the knot in 2009.

After his relationship with Rebecca disintegrated, Paul's struggled to find the right woman. But maybe she's just around the corner...


Most memorable moment:

Who can forget when Rebecca pushed Paul from the Lassiters mezzanine on the 6000th episode in 2010. It was touch and go, but as Janelle Timmins once said, “that slimy cockroach will survive anything”

Most memorable quotes:

“Hi dad, great party” – Neighbours Episode 1.

“I’m Ramsay Street's newest resident” – Neighbours 20th Anniversary Episode 4773.

“Andrew I own you, and if you ever want a cent of what I have, you’ll never forget that” - Neighbours Episode 6000.


Stefan Dennis

Australian audiences fell in love with Stefan Dennis many years ago when he first graced the screens of Neighbours. After a long absence Stefan is back… and more popular then ever. Stefan says even he is shocked by his popularity after such a long time off-screen.

“I am surprised by how popular the character is. There was a real buzz when I came back which was nice. And I came back with such a bang, shaking things up, which was good!”

While Stefan’s character may have been legendary with audiences, he wasn’t feeling too confident coming back after such a long break.

“I was the new kid on the block again which felt strange! But it didn’t take me long to settle back in.”

Stefan may have had a break from Neighbours but he has certainly been busy pursuing his love of acting and producing.

During his absence from Neighbours the Melbourne born and based star has appeared in many TV series’ including; River City, Dream Team, Blue Heelers and The Office. And in 2004 Stefan produced the highly acclaimed movie, The Truth About Love.

Many of Stefan’s fans may also remember him from his earlier work which includes roles on of The Henderson Kids, the Flying Doctors and Prisoner Cell Block H.

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