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Jackie Woodburne As Susan Kennedy

A highly respected maternal figure, Susan is a woman of honour and integrity. The long-suffering wife of Karl, she has weathered the storms of her marriage with the utmost grace. Susan is mother to Libby, Mal and Billy but has also been a surrogate mum of sorts to many other children over the years, notably Jarrod Rebecchi with whom she still shares a close relationship.

Susan is devoted to her family and friends and is fearless when it comes to protecting them. She is intelligent and enjoys the arts: literature, music, theatre and film. She derives deep satisfaction from helping others realize their potential. Susan’s high standards and self-discipline can make her seem self-righteous and although well meaning, she runs the risk of alienating those she preaches to.

Susan is outwardly conservative, though when she’s comfortable, she can be very witty, often risqué. There is a sense in both her style and behaviour that she’s holding something of herself back. This could be because her desire to be a model citizen takes precedence. However virtue can lose its lustre as you grow older and begin to consider your own mortality.

Despite his past indiscretions, Susan loves her husband Karl. He is her intellectual equal, and her best friend. They enjoy a good stoush and she enjoys the challenge of bringing him down a few pegs. Susan respects Karl’s determination to be a good father and tolerates his vanity, though it causes her some frustration.

Susan and Karl face their near-empty nest on opposing sides of the fence. Susan needs to be needed and enjoys being surrounded by family and friends, while Karl likes to have Susan all to himself and enjoys their alone time.
Since being diagnosed with MS, Susan has remained career focused but is actively making the time for yoga, meditation and exercise.


Jackie Woodburne

Since joining Neighbours in 1994, Jackie Woodburne's character has changed her surname three times.

"I started as a Smith, then Kennedy, changed to Kinski, back to Kennedy and as Karl and Susan have separated again, watch this space," joked Jackie.

When Jackie was offered the role as the no-nonsense school teacher, Susan Smith in 1994, she never dreamed her residency would in sustain 18 years, making her the longest running female character on an Australian series.

"It certainly wasn't a title I aspired to have but it has happened because I absolutely love what I do. It's a great cast and I adore working with Alan Fletcher (plays Karl Kennedy), plus we've been blessed with terrific kids on the show."

Born in Norther Ireland and emigrating to Australia as a child, Jackie is a graduate of the National Theatre in Melbourne. During her celebrated career she has appeared in many televison series including Prisoner, Cop Shop, Sons and Daughters, Young Doctors, A Country Practice, The Flying Doctors and Law of The Land to name a few.

Jackie lives in Melbourne and since her character was diagnosed with MS, has become an ambassador for the MS Society to help raise awareness of this debilitating disease.

"It's imperative that the MS storyline is handled as truthfully, ethically and sensitively as possible, and I hope we've been able to break down some barriers," said Jackie.

The coveted Inside Soap Awards in the UK have nominated Jackie for best daytime star for two years running.

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