Scope DIY Science: Hoverboard
Scope DIY Science: Hoverboard
You're watching Scope DIY Science: Hoverboard Ethan and Abi create their own version of a hover board

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DIY Science: Hoverboard

Sat 25 Nov 2017

Ethan and Abi create their own version of a hover board


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SCOPE THIS OUT: Science is everywhere!

Scope is a fast, funny and informative children’s science show produced in association with the CSIRO.

The show is hosted by science wiz Lee Constable and stories are presented by a range of experts – from acclaimed university researchers to factory engineers, passionate zookeepers and elite sportspeople – giving the audience a personalised view of the scientific world.

Each episode is crammed full of new and interesting scientific facts and cool experiments that our audience can try out at home.

Scope was created to demystify the world of science and technology, and make it relevant, accessible and above all fascinating to a young audience.