Tony Almeida: Anatomy Of A Comeback

Published: 20 March 2017

24 legacy tony almeida

Guess who's back, back again… Tony's back, tell a friend. That’s right, everyone’s favourite former CTU agent turned villain turned redemption-seeking prison escapee, Tony Almeida, made his explosive return to 24 last night. And here’s how the comeback of the year went down.

Spoilers for 24: Legacy episode 7 ahead.

The Set-Up

Last time we saw Tony he was ‘negotiating’ his way out of solitary confinement in a Blu-ray extra for 24: Live Another Day. Two years later came the news that he was headed for 24: Legacy, opening the floodgates on a torrent of speculative chatter. How exactly would the fan favourite be re-entering the picture?

And his re-introduction, courtesy of a spine-tingling proposition by former CTU director Rebecca Ingram, couldn’t have been more perfect, as she proposed a new plan for getting dastardly Henry Donovan to spill his traitorous guts…

“Conventional methods won’t get him to talk…
We need to use enhanced interrogation…
My people are already in position…”

24: Legacy, season 1, channel ten

The Entrance

Enter Tony Almeida, ready (and more than willing) to show that he has ways of making you talk. A goatee replaces his franchise-famous soul patch, and though Almeida’s greying mane betrays he’s seen a tough time or three, his cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor suggests that time and free air have made him markedly less homicidal than we saw in season seven.

The Motive

So with the ‘how’ addressed, the question turns to ‘why’. Is Tony now hopelessly devoted to redeeming himself and making good on his promise to be the man his deceased wife would be proud of? “This is just about the money,” he says, volunteering a far less noble motive. We still think there’s more to this Almeida than meets the eye. 

24: Legacy, season 1, channel ten

The Love Triangle. Or Is It A Square?

Tony’s professional and criminal past are quite the tangled web, but his appearance in 24: Legacy shines a light on an equally complicated love life. We learn that he and Rebecca have a romantic history, which ended when she met Senator John Donovan. That Tony’s leather-clad henchwoman Sidra seems most displeased by the revelation suggests their ‘thing’ is rather more current, and that Almeida apparently has no problem mixing business with pleasure.

The Threat

He may not be the menace to society that he once was, but any fears that Tony has grown soft in his old age were allayed once he flipped the switch to ‘enhanced interrogation mode’. 

24: Legacy, season 1, channel ten

Hearing his softly-spoken description of the penalties of non-compliance only re-affirmed the fact that you simply don’t mess with Almeida. 

The Future

Will Tony extract what he needs from Donovan Senior? Will he help Rebecca and Carter nullify the terrorist threat? Will he hightail it over to Russia and liberate Jack from the gulag? We can’t wait to find out.

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