Biggest Tribal Council Bombshells From Season Two

Published: 04 October 2017

Australian Survivor Season 2 Episode 14

From blindsides to mutiny and shocking secrets revealed, Season Two's Tribal Councils have been explosive

Aimee Left Spewin’ (Episode 5)

Aimee had the honour of being the target of the very first blindside of season two. She was left “spewin’” after feeling the wrath of major player A.K. and his newly formed alliance. Aimee, along with Locky, Tara and Anneliese, were confident that they would execute the season's first big blindside by taking out A.K., but instead they found themselves on the receiving end. 

At Tribal Council, a confident Aimee revealed there was no longer a “strong eight”, implying that a smaller renegade alliance had been made in secret. Anneliese, Locky and Tara giggled along suspiciously, and her bold move ended up being her downfall, prompting Peter, Ziggy and Jarrad to abandon ship and join forces with A.K. and Tessa. 

A.K. Bites The Dust (Episode 12)

With Tara leading the battle, the entire Asaga tribe were in on the takedown of super strategist A.K..  Determined to get revenge against her nemesis, Tara hoped that A.K.’s reputation would be his undoing and that their 28-day rivalry would soon come to an end. 

After Peter and A.K. were left in a vulnerable position following the second tribe swap of the season, A.K. scrambled to find his feet and prove his worth in Asaga. Prior to Tribal Council, A.K. made a last-ditch attempt to turn Luke and Sarah against Tara, but her grip on Asaga was too strong. In the end, it was a stay-at-home mum that brought about the demise of one of the season’s most strategic players.  

Ben’s Very Bad Day (Episode 13)

In Samatau’s first Tribal Council after the second tribe swap of the season, the very vulnerable new tribe member Michelle came out swinging at one target in particular: Ben. In a move that left everyone gobsmacked, Michelle exposed Ben’s major slip of the tongue, recounting how he eagerly divulged secret information about the Super Idol to her soon after she joined the tribe. Ben was left in a state of shock as Michelle successfully destroyed his integrity and turned his own tribe against him.

Peter Jumps Ship (Episode 14)

Would you risk everything and jump tribes if given the chance? When host Jonathan offered one member of Asaga the opportunity to join rival tribe Samatau, Peter didn’t hesitate.

As an original member of Samatau, Peter knew he was running out of time at his new tribe and he desperately needed to return to the safety of his old tribemates. While he was welcomed back to the fold, some wondered if Peter’s mutinous move may have burned important bridges ahead of the inevitable tribal merge. Peter didn’t appear concerned, and spent his first morning back at Samatau divulging key information on Asaga and new transfer Henry, singling him out as a major threat. Could Peter and ally Jarrad take out top dog Hen?

Oh No, Odette (Episode 15)

Odette came into the game with a single goal: to be a hero to her son. As a super-fit podiatrist, her physical strength in challenges made her a huge asset to her tribe, while her relaxed and honest nature won her many friends. She found a comfortable spot in the middle ranks of Asaga, voting with the majority at most Tribal Councils. With no direct enemies, Odette may have become a little too relaxed, and was eventually sent home in a surprise blindside.

Jarrad’s Rude Shock (Episode 16)

A true champion for underdogs everywhere, Jarrad proved just how much a raw fighting spirit can achieve. Admitting to having little strategy, social skills or strength, Jarrad managed to fly under the radar early on, but after the merge he came out swinging. Keen to take down top dog Henry, Jarrad began playing a big game but ended up biting off a little more than he could chew.

His time was brought to an end by a massive blindside orchestrated by Jericho. In an ironic twist of fate, Jarrad asked Jericho to underline his vote at that night’s Tribal Council, not knowing that Jericho was intending to oust him. Jericho stayed true to his word, underlining Jarrad’s name in a move he certainly didn’t see coming.

Anneliese and The Clash Of The Idols (Episode 17)

It’s exciting enough when one Immunity Idol is played at Tribal Council, let alone two, but that’s exactly what happened in episode 17. After discovering that Locky was putting the blame for Jarrad’s exit onto her, Anneliese was prepared to protect herself using her Hidden Immunity Idol. When her big moment came at that evening’s Tribal, Anneliese triumphantly handed her Idol to host Jonathan, justifying her move by declaring she was being used as a scapegoat, a pointed dig at Locky. 

Anneliese had barely returned to her seat when, to the surprise of many, tribemate Ziggy leapt up and played her trump card: her Super Idol. An incredibly powerful tool, a Super Idol can act as a regular Immunity Idol but, more importantly, it can also cancel out another player’s Immunity Idol. That’s right; Ziggy nullified Anneliese’s Immunity Idol and threw her back to the wolves who voted her out as planned.

Henry’s Huge Mistake (Episode 18)

After ruling the roost for weeks, fake yoga instructor Henry’s cushy position and Hidden Immunity Idol were beginning to blind him to external threats, such as fringe player Tessa. Her first move was to plan an anti-Hen coup with Luke and Michelle over a pizza and champagne reward. This ‘Champagne Alliance’ enlisted Jericho, Sarah and Pete back at camp and, thanks to Tessa’s Immunity Challenge win, appeared unstoppable heading into Tribal Council. Suspecting something was up, Locky encouraged an oblivious Henry to play his Idol but to no avail, and had to sit by as one of the biggest blindsides unfolded.

In an ironic twist, one of the game’s master strategists was voted out with a Hidden Immunity Idol still in his pocket. We’d wager that Henry’s still kicking himself.

Tessa’s Takedown (Episode 19)

Ever on the wrong side of the numbers, Tessa had to fight tooth and nail to keep herself from the bottom of the Samatau pecking order. Despite having her name written down a total of ten times at Tribal Council, Tessa’s fire still burned bright. 

It wasn’t until after the tribal merge that she found herself comparatively comfortable in the ‘Champagne Alliance’ with Luke and Michelle. They were set to take out Sarah, but Luke and best buddy Jericho had other plans, breaking the alliance and turning on Tessa.

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