Episode 13 Alliance Cheat Sheet

Published: 05 September 2017

Australian Survivor Season 2 Episode 12

Survivors were left reeling and alliances were on the rocks after a shock tribe swap reunited old foes, and a surprise new threat emerged. Track every change from episodes 10, 12 and 13 with our handy Alliance Cheat Sheet.

We've tracked the supposed alliances within each tribe prior to the episode 10, 12 and 13 Tribal Councils. 

Click each image to watch the alliances shift. Notice who's sided with who, who's playing the game, and who might be on their way out.

animated gif

animated gif

All Survivor fans know that when there's half a million dollars up for grabs, alliances are never set in stone. Find out which Survivors kept their word, who flipped, and who simply played by their own rules in the Tribal Council voting clip below.

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