Final Four Player Cards, Season Two

Published: 06 October 2017

Australian Survivor

For 49 days gruelling days, the Season Two Survivors battled it out to build their resumes and earn their spot in the final four. Now with a one-in-four chance of winning, which of the remaining players have what it takes to win?


“I’m going to start building my tribe and stand on the pedestal with this jar of cookies”

Jericho has played a strong game of Survivor, most notably when he formed the deciding vote that got rid of master strategist Henry, and in creating his very own 'Cookie Alliance'. But has he done enough to win?

Survivor Australia


“I feel loyal to no one, so I won’t feel bad backstabbing any of them and voting them out”

Michelle has endured setbacks in the game that could have sent her packing, such as finding herself on the bottom of the Samatau tribe. She was apart of the 'Champagne Alliance' that got Henry voted out of the game, but will this be enough to impress the Jury? 

Survivor Australia


“Locky has this ability to coax people into doing what he wants and manipulating people, and I haven’t stood for it for a second”

Peter is the underdog of the final four, quietly taking part in major blindsides and keeping himself in the game by forming strong alliances. But will he be able to convince the Jury that he hasn't been a sheep, but has instead played a masterful game?

Australian Survivor


“The emotions running through me right now it’s crazy, it’s a game and you just voted someone out and you should feel bad but I don’t”

Stay-at-home mum and barrel racer Tara has rode her way through the most twists and turns out of the remaining four, and in result has played an excellent social game. Gaining revenge against rival A.K., and turning against her closest ally Locky has landed her a spot in the final four, but can she convince the Jury that she has outwitted and outplayed the other Survivors?

Survivor Australia

Australian Survivor finale week starts 7.30 Sunday on TEN

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