Post-Tribal Merge: Individual Challenge Tally

Published: 04 October 2017

Australian Survivor

We’ve tallied every individual Reward and Immunity Challenge win since the two tribes became one

Since the highly-anticipated tribal merge in episode 16, it’s been every member of new tribe Asatoa for themselves. With the end now in sight, and individual immunity and rewards on the line, Survivors are fighting harder than ever to secure their safety in the game. 

Here is a full breakdown of the individual Reward and Immunity Challenges, won and lost so far.

 Episode Reward Challenge Winner Immunity Challenge Winner 
 16 Tessa Ziggy 
 17 No Reward Challenge  Henry
 18 Survivor Auction Tessa 
 19 No Reward Challenge
 20 Locky, Luke, Sarah, Ziggy Locky 
 21 No Reward Challenge
 22 No Reward Challenge
 23 Michelle Michelle

Winning challenges, however, can be a double-edged sword. Beating your tribemates to claim individual immunity will protect you during Tribal Council, but your physical power tends to put a large target on your back, as the recently eliminated Locky and Ziggy know all too well. 

Similarly, sharing the spoils of a Reward Challenge win might help to curry favour with other Survivors, but bonds formed over pizza and drinks are just as easily broken (the Champagne Alliance, anyone?) 

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