The Final Four's Masterstroke Moves From Season Two

Published: 09 October 2017

australian survivor

It’s called the world’s greatest game for a reason, and with these season-defining moves, Australian Survivor Season Two’s awesome final foursome have done the legacy proud.


Masterstroke Move: Three degrees of cookie separation
If you’re going to betray your strongly held beliefs in an attempt to win, make it count. And boy, did Jericho ever. A chorus of kumbaya around a campfire be damned, the good Christian turned baked goods bad boy literally took the biscuit when he chose cookies for himself over firewood for his tribe. But it was how he wielded these crumbly agents of corruption that truly dazzled, manipulating Luke, Sarah and Henry like cookie dough into three separate alliances, all while stuffing his face. 

Jericho truly had his cookie and ate it too.



Honourable Mention: The underlined blindside
Jericho’s blindside of Jarrod was duplicitous poetry in motion. True to his word, he underlined his Tribal Council vote, leaving a stupefied Jarrod with nothing to decode but the brutal truth that he’d been Jerichoed.




Masterstroke Move: Putting A.K in the firing line
Wounds still fresh from their run in at Samatau, fate twisted the knife further by re-drawing Tribal lines for ‘Tara vs A.K 2: Play Harder.’ With the new look Asanga clearly not big enough for the both of them, Tara set about the mammoth task of removing her nemesis with a clinical lesson in the potency of restraint.

While A.K began his three-stage offensive – be nice, cry, flip – the typically fiery Tara learnt from past mistakes by more carefully corralling her cohorts. And in letting Luke’s desire to mount A.K’s head on his wall do the heavy lifting, she managed to execute her plan without sending the blindside-o-meter into the red. When A.K’s torch and game were finally snuffed out at Tribal Council, Tara made no attempt to hide her delight at pulling off “the move of the game.”


Honourable Mention: Zig-zagging on Ziggy
Despite insisting that “no one’s budging” at Tribal Council, Tara’s vote budged onto Ziggy, making her choke on the memories of their former lolly alliance.



Masterstroke Move: Putting Ben out to pasture
In Australian Survivor you’re not down until you’re out, and Michelle proved it with an eleventh hour scramble to save herself at Ben’s expense. Figuring the mild-manured young ‘un was easily the most qualified for the role of human shield, Michelle lured him into spilling his guts, from potential Super Idol intel to his intended vote. And despite Henry preferring to keep the player he’d dubbed “Ben Billygoat” around, Michelle was still able to convince the others that he’d bleat their business at any opportunity.

“I am quite happy to lay out on the ground why I should stay”, she said coolly at Tribal Council, before ruthlessly dismantling her closest rival, and giving him the verbal tools to dismantle himself. “You… tell people what they want to hear,” Ben admitted of his strategy, telling Michelle what she wanted to hear. It was enough to seal his fate, and close the book on ‘Ben Billygoat and The Secrets of Samatau’.


Honourable mention: Serving cold revenge to Sarah 
Enraged at being left out of the move to eliminate Tessa, Michelle swore revenge and former ally Sarah was the unfortunate recipient. “If you mess with me, you go home!” she promised. Again, she wasn’t kidding. 



Masterstroke Move: The defection to Samatau
A repeat offender on Tribe Swappers’ Most Wanted list, Peter’s second switcheroo really saved his skin. Sensing he might become a casualty of Luke and Sarah’s war, he removed his head from the chopping block by seizing the rare opportunity to defect to Samatau at Tribal Council. 


As Peter threw his blue buff into the fire, Sarah saw her own chances go up in smoke. “I’m.. screwed,” she stammered, an accurate appraisal. Her dismay unlikely to be assuaged by Peter’s apparent indifference, and JLP’s own bleak reading of the situation: “If Asanga is a ship, Peter just stole your lifeboat.”

Honourable Mention: Playing the biggest player
Part of the sextet that ousted Henry, Peter and co’s blindside was so expertly orchestrated that its formidable target even left his Immunity Idol unplayed, against Locky’s urging. Not one to carry a grudge, Zen-ry applauded the manoeuvre as one the best Survivor blindsides he’s ever seen.


Who will be the sole Survivor? Australian Survivor Finale Week continues 7.30 tonight on TEN and tenplay