A Trip Down Paradise Lane

Published: 30 April 2018

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Finale

We’re sitting at the airport, feeling a little dusty and waiting for the final boarding call for our flight straight outta Paradise. Reality is really starting to hit us right in the feels. Before we head home, let’s recap on our final four couples' journeys into finding love.

Keira And Jarrod

It Was Love At First DM

Keira had her eyes set on Jarrod from day dot. She slid into his Instagram DMs a few times prior to her arrival, and quickly formed a connection with him in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Finale

They’ve Had Their Share Of Island Dramz

The couple hit a few roadblocks early on in their relationship. Keira struggled with feeling second best to both Ali and Simone, who Jarrod not only took on dates but handed roses to. Just when the waves started to settle, a spanner was thrown into the works when Canadian Daniel aka “Geppetto” took Keira’s fancy.

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Finale

They’re Just Like An Old Married Couple

Jarrod labelled the two as being “just like a married couple”, and we can’t help but agree. They bicker and take cute jabs at each other, yet Keira knows that Jarrod has nothing but good intentions towards her. Come commitment ceremony time, will Jarrod finally say those three little words that Keira is eager to hear?

Tara And Sam

Friend zoned At First Sight

We could not have possibly thought that this pairing would morph into something deeper than a camaraderie when Tara firmly placed Sam in the friend zone by admitting that he wasn’t getting a rose from her.

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Finale

Twist Of Fate

Their relationship was full of laugh-out-loud moments and romantic dates paired with deep and meaningful convos, and the only challenge they seemed to face was when it came to a kiss, who would make the first move.

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Finale

Sam’s Not Perfect, But He’s Perfect For Tarzy

Sam may not know how to cut an onion, but Tara doesn’t mind. She’s in admiration of all his other talents, and they are the perfect match as they’re so encouraging and loving of one another. We can’t stand the cuteness!

Ali And Grant


It wasn’t exactly love at first sight for Ali and US bachelor, Grant. Ali’s first impression of Grant was that she was not really attracted to the “American type” and found him to be quite “showy”. Ouch!

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Finale

The ‘L’ Word

Grant was the first to say the ‘L’ word, and Ali admitted she would “die for this person”. Anyone willing to take a bullet for their other half is more than certain about their feelings!

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Finale

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Moving across the world is no easy feat, yet Ali addressed the elephant in the room by ensuring that the geographical distance between them would not pose a problem in their romantic fairytale. Much to Grant’s delight, she is more than willing to move halfway across the world to be with him.

Megan And Jake

Their Blind Date Sparked A Connection

When Megan picked Jake for a blind date, we could see the sparks flying immediately. They clearly felt it too, sharing a passionate kiss before they even had time to digest their food!

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Finale

Their Relationship Has Been Tested

Since day one, their relationship has been tested. Between Jake’s ongoing battles with Hurricane Flo to Megan’s kiss with Thomas, they have gone through hell and back in Paradise. Despite the drama, they were willing to move forward and make it work.

Bachelor in Paradise, S1, Finale

Megan Has Her Reservations

It’s no surprise that Jake and Megan’s relationship oozes chemistry, however love is more than skin deep for Megan. As much as Jake can’t picture a day without her, Megan has her reservations, and can’t bring herself to tell him she loves him. Will this be the downfall in their relationship?

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