The Warwick Fiji


Set on 28 acres of lush and perfectly manicured gardens, the Warwick Fiji Resort is located in the heart of the Coral Coast region of mainland Viti Levu, an ideal location to explore and experience more of Fiji than just the Resort itself. 

The Resort welcomes families, couples, groups and single travellers and endeavours to surpass all guest expectations. 

A large variety of complimentary activities is included: all non-motorized water activities (paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling) plus tennis, squash, badminton, racquetball, basketball, bike hire, snorkelling lessons, bird watching tours and Fijian medicinal walks. 

Tours to three different local village communities and a magnificent waterfall up the valley are organized. The Resort also offers glass bottom boat tours on the outer reef, re walking and other nightly entertainment.

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Fiji Water


FIJI™ Water, natural artesian water bottled at the source in Viti Levu (Fiji islands), is the No. 1 imported bottled water in the United States. FIJI Water, known for its iconic square bottle, soft mouth feel and unique mineral profile, is the water of choice among discerning consumers and top chefs. Widely available at fine restaurants, hotels, and all major retail channels, FIJI Water has expanded globally to more than 80 countries. To discover Earth’s Finest Water™, please visit and like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

Dahla Towels, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


We’re putting an end to dry, scratchy towels. 

Our 100% cotton velour towels are super soft, absorbent, and large enough to share. 

The best bit? They’re yarn-dyed so they’re resistant to fading…. unlike you after that afternoon cocktail. 

Designed in Australia and made in Portugal.

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Calabria Wines, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


Marking its 74th year, the Calabria family name stands for a long history of winemaking. Calabria Family Wines was established by Francesco and Elizabeth Calabria in the NSW Riverina in 1945, and was driven to success by their son, Bill Calabria & wife, Lena. While largely self-taught, Bill has an instinct and passion for the industry and a strong philosophy of keeping it personal, which has ensured his children; Frank, Michael, Andrew & Elizabeth manage the company today. Together the family have embarked on a new chapter in the Calabria story, with the opening of a Tasting Room in the Barossa Valley. The Calabria family is committed to producing outstanding premium wines that have won them an array of international awards. Their company motto 'Primus Inter Pare,' 'First among equals,' underpins everything the company represents, as the family have made wine their life and passion, resulting in both 2009 and 2010 with the Calabria family being announced 'Family Business of the Year.'

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Grey Goose, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


Celebrate a life well lived with the World’s Best Tasting Vodka, Grey Goose. Every aspect of the creation of Australia’s # 1 Super Premium spirit, is focused on crafting a vodka of unmatched quality. The production of Grey Goose begins with the very best ingredients from France – soft winter wheat from the Picardy region (the breadbasket of France) and spring water from Gensac-La-Pallue, in the Cognac Region, that is naturally filtered through limestone. A unique distillation process brings out the naturally superior characteristics of these ingredients. From field-to-bottle, the expertise of the Grey Goose Master Blender, François Thibault, ensures an unparalleled smoothness and exceptional taste to the connoisseur palate. Grey Goose has a luxuriously smooth taste, whether sipped on the rocks or in a martini.
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Patron, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


In 1989 The Patrón Spirits Company was founded with a singular mission: produce the world’s finest ultra-premium tequila.

Since day one, Patrón Tequila has always started with 100% pure Weber Blue Agave that is harvested, roasted, crushed, distilled and bottled in the hills of Jalisco, Mexico. Employing traditional techniques and modern technology, Patrón has refined and perfected the art of making tequila.

Under the guidance of Master Distiller Francisco Alcaraz, Patrón has continued along the path of excellence — focusing on the liquid in the bottle, steeped in tradition and produced with steadfast dedication. Francisco, along with a group of dedicated colleagues, makes Patrón stand out amongst all other tequilas.

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Bombay Sapphire, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


Bombay Sapphire, the world-famous gin based on a secret recipe dating back to 1761 - can be found in its distinctive blue bottle. Every drop contains 10 hand-selected botanicals from exotic locations around the world. We gently vapour infuse our botanicals to capture their bright, vibrant flavours. Our gins reflect our rigorous selection process and uncompromising approach to creating fresh, clean, bright flavours that are perfect for creating exceptional mixed drinks.
To be inspired and stir your creativity we invite you to explore our wonderful world of gin at

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Bacardi, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


In 1862, in the city of Santiago de Cuba, founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó revolutionized the spirits industry when he created a light-bodied rum with a particularly smooth taste – BACARDÍ. The unique taste of BACARDÍ rum inspired cocktail pioneers to invent some of the world’s most famous cocktail recipes including the Original BACARDÍ Daiquiri, the Original BACARDÍ Mojito, the BACARDÍ Cuba Libre, the BACARDÍ Piña Colada and the BACARDÍ Presidente.

BACARDÍ is the world’s most awarded rum, with more than 550 awards for quality, taste and innovation. Today, BACARDÍ rum is made in Puerto Rico and Mexico, where it is crafted to ensure the taste remains the same today as it did when it was first blended in 1862.

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Dewar's, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


Dewar’s has famed the world over for quality blended scotch whisky and a flair for innovative advertising and promotions. Today, Dewar’s is the fifth largest Blended Whisky brand in the world largely due to the dynamic duo of John Alexander and Tommy Dewar – The eldest and youngest sons of founder John Dewar.

Founded in 1846 John Dewar was one of the first to master the art of blending and was proud to put his name to it. This ensured quality and consistency of the product to the people which saw great success for Dewar’s throughout Scotland. In 1880 the two sons took over and the success of Dewar’s reached a global level largely due to Tommy’s innovative approach to marketing.

In 1893, Dewar’s became the first blended whisky company to receive the Royal Warrant and became the official supplier of blended Scotch to the royal household. The Royal Warrant has subsequently been renewed by every successive Monarch, the longest of any whisky company. Dewar’s is the most awarded blended scotch whisky company in the world, winning more than 1,000 medals. It has a rich honeyed taste, with a rounded flavour and a smooth satisfying finish and is crafted by master blender Stephanie Macleod. On top of this, Dewar’s pioneered a process called double ageing which gives the whisky the extra smoothness it is famous for. People prefer the smooth, well rounded taste of Dewar’s because of this unique process.

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42BELOW, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


42BELOW is an award-winning, premium-looking, yummy-tasting, spade-calling kiwi vodka.

Born in the purest, cleanest, bestest country around, we travel to where-ever people want the best gosh-darned vodka around.

We’re working hard to improve the sustainability credentials of the hospo industry through innovative ideas like turning left over cocktail lemons into hand-soap, turning discarded moustaches into draft-stoppers and promoting our amazing/horrible Plastic Island.

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Corona, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


Since 1925, Corona has been encouraging beer drinkers to enjoy the beach, the surf and sunsets. To share time with mates in a place where the pace is slower, the vibe more relaxed, and life's simple pleasures all the more enjoyable.

Our philosophy has been embraced around the world in over 180 countries, including here in Australia. Our refreshing flavour, complemented with a lime in the iconic clear bottle, is best consumed as the sun sets on a day in paradise.

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Indi Tribe Collective, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


Indi Tribe Collective was born from a passion for creating beautiful and practical products, inspired from an outdoors lifestyle. Each product is hand crafted on the stunning Mornington Peninsula, a mecca for picnics and seaside living.

Their iconic Folding Wine Tables are fast becoming a must have item across the country. They are light, portable and feature clever purpose built wine glass holes and even a place for your wine bottle. And finally you can elevate your delicious spread off the ground, keeping it safe from sand and critters. They are perfect for the beach, picnics, outdoor cinemas, by the pool, music festivals, camping and even on your boat. And a Folding Wine Table makes the perfect gift for the person who has everything! 

Join the Tribe and take your picnics to the next level. 

Never spill your wine again...

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Sunnylife, Partners, Bachelor in Paradise


Conceived on the beaches of Sydney, the brand was established with a simple goal: to share Australia’s authentic summer style with the rest of the world. Today our products can be found on beaches, in pools and at sun drenched holiday destinations across the globe.

Sunnylife is recognised for its vast seasonal collections featuring every must-have summer item imaginable. Fashion referenced bold graphics, showstopping prints and trend-setting packaging are all part of our trademark signature. We are continually committed to creating a range of sunny essentials that deliver on innovation, quality, style and functionality; the perfect summer range solution.

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Open to all Australians from every industry, REST Industry Super has grown to become one of Australia’s largest industry super funds with around 2 million memb


Smirnoff is a brand that moves us all to be more inclusive. It provides good quality vodka and drinks that look to include everyone in open-minded good times.

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