Bondi Rescue Quick Chat: Harries
Bondi Rescue Quick Chat: Harries
You're watching Bondi Rescue Quick Chat: Harries What has Harries been up to since last season?

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Quick Chat: Harries

Wed 18 Jan 2017

What has Harries been up to since last season?

About The Show

Ten years ago, Bondi’s lifeguards burst onto our screens, saving lives and bringing their larrikin personalities to the world. Australia has watched these men grow up on their television screens and has been along for some of their biggest milestones, from their first day on the job, to birthdays, marriage proposals, weddings and babies. Viewers have seen their most triumphant rescues and witnessed their most frightening moments. Now, in its 10th season, Bondi Rescue returns with as much excitement, suspense and emotion as ever, as well as plenty of surprises.

Legendary waterman H Man (Harry Nightingale) is set to retire at the end of this season, aged 65. It’s an emotional end to a legendary run, but coinciding with H’s departure is the arrival of three new lifeguards.

South African Anthony Glick, 20, and local lad Jethro James, 19, are this season’s new trainees. But there is only room for one and the friends must face off for a full-time position on the service. Then there’s Italian lifeguard Mario Marfella, 33, all the way from the calm seas of Italy. He wants to make bellisimo Bondi his new home.

The season starts with panic, following several shark attacks and deaths on Australia’s east coast. It isn’t long before the shark alarm is sounded at Bondi, forcing thousands of beachgoers to scramble to safety. Lifeguards on jet skis locate the shark close to shore and attempt to herd it out to sea. Later, trainee Glick is given the task of diving on the shark nets to check for any trapped sharks.

This year is another bumper summer on Australia’s most famous stretch of sand, where up to 50,000 people visit in one day. It is a huge responsibility for the lifeguards as they rescue people from the surf, perform first aid, tend to spinal emergencies and perform resuscitations. One summer day, the lifeguards are called to a resuscitation when a clinically dead man is pulled from the surf. Two days later, the situation is repeated when a woman is dragged from the water as the lifeguards frantically attempt to resuscitate her in front of her young son.

Osher Günsberg returns as the narrator of Bondi Rescue. His narration complements interviews with the lifeguards, providing unique insights into the views and personalities of our favourite heroes.

Bondi Rescue has attracted a huge international following and is distributed worldwide, including in the US, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark and now Hong Kong. The lifeguards’ larrikin humour teamed with the ability to save lives has charmed beachgoers and viewers alike.

There is no doubt Bondi Rescue embodies the Australian spirit, while celebrating the sportsmanship and professionalism of lifeguards, the unsung heroes of our best asset: the beach.