The Craziest Things on Bondi Beach

Published: 20 August 2018

Craziest things on the beach

Millions of visitors, many odd moments!

Some things must be seen to be believed! These Bondi lifeguards are lucky enough to see it all! Here are some of the craziest things they’ve seen on Bondi beach.

Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins
"The craziest thing I’ve seen on Bondi beach would have to have been when the car came down the hill and landed on the middle of Bondi beach – I could never see anything that would come close to that again. It was like ‘Dukes of Hazard’ taking off – It was amazing!"

Jethro James
"Craziest thing I’ve seen at Bondi? A pack of about 20 English backpackers run naked from the back wall -on a busy day- into the water. That just astounded me!"

Harrison Reid
"The craziest thing I’ve seen on Bondi beach would have to be my colleagues – all of them – they’re crazy. I probably fit into that category as well."

Michael ‘Mouse’ Jenkinson
"Craziest thing on Bondi beach? Every single day down here something crazy happens. I couldn’t put it down to one thing – It’s literally turning up every day and being a part of this crazy circus that just doesn’t seem to end."