Bondi Rescue Quick Chat: Nicola
Bondi Rescue Quick Chat: Nicola
You're watching Bondi Rescue Quick Chat: Nicola What has Nicola been up to since last season?

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Quick Chat: Nicola

Wed 25 Jan 2017

What has Nicola been up to since last season?


About The Show

The Bondi Rescue lifeguards are household names in Australia and around the world. The combination of their second-to-none life saving skills and larrikin attitude has captured the attention of millions of viewers worldwide.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Sydney’s beaches on a daily basis for their slice of the famous Aussie lifestyle. One beach’ however, attracts far more than the others, accommodating up to 40,000 beachgoers per day: Bondi. Keeping the tourists and locals safe are 33 highly trained men and women, the custodians of Australia’s most famous beach, the Bondi Rescue lifeguards.

In the 12th season of this award-winning series, tempers are frayed when the lifeguards are faced with the deadliest summer yet. The boys and girls in blue encounter bag thieves, street hoodlums, drug abuse and alcohol. They deal with heatwaves, drownings, sharks, resuscitations, cuts, broken bones and thousands of rescues. For a few lifeguards, this is a first-time experience.

This year, head lifeguard Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins celebrates his 25th year of service as a lifeguard, highlighting his passion for the job and commitment to keeping Bondi Beach safe.

Also, the Bondi team welcomes four fresh faces – Joel, Juliana, Tommy and Wally – who are thrown in the deep end from their first day as the Bondi summer brings people in droves. It is sink or swim, as the more experienced lifeguards are forced to teach the newcomers how to navigate the massive crowds and dangerous conditions of Bondi Beach. How they deal with the pressures of guarding Sydney’s most popular beach could determine not only their careers, but the lives of countless visitors.

Bondi Rescue is a CJZ production for Network Ten.