Bondi Vet

About the Show

Featuring charismatic Veterinarians, Dr. Chris Brown and Dr. Lisa Chimes, Bondi Vet is an unscripted 30-part, one hour television series, set against the breathtaking backdrop of one of Australia’s most famous landmarks, Bondi Beach.

Chronicling the adventures of Dr. Chris, who lives and works in the beachside suburb of Bondi, Bondi Vet allows viewers a unique insight into the world of one of Sydney’s busiest vets and the animals he devotes his days to caring for and treating.

The Team

For those animals that require specialist services, Dr. Chris calls on his good friend and colleague Dr. Lisa Chimes at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH). When the cameras stop rolling, Lisa continues to work at the 24 hour emergency unit saving the lives of furry family members.

A Bondi Vet regular Tim Faulkner is the Manager of the Australian Reptile Park, and is constantly putting his life on the line looking after some of Australia’s deadliest reptiles. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his passion for and knowledge of Australian wildlife is extraordinary.

Together, Chris, Lisa and Tim embark on some unforgettable adventures across Australia and abroad, meeting extraordinary animals in need and the people that love them.

Season 8

On this series of Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown continues to astound with incredible solutions for animals that are in trouble. 
One of his first patients is a cormorant which is missing half of its top beak. Chris refines a technique first used by his Dad many years ago on an injured pelican. With some clever thinking, and a little bit of help from 2 local surfboard shapers, Chris fashions a new top beak for the little bird. It’s an extraordinary transformation. 

An even bigger challenge for Chris is tackling fast moving green turtles in far north Queensland. They have to be caught for part of important research into their habitat and survival. But Chris finds jumping from a moving boat into water to try to catch the huge turtles is much harder that it looks. 

There isn’t a dry eye when Chris meets Anika, a beautiful, gentle pup born with a badly deformed front leg. Chris wants to give the young dog a fighting chance at a full life. He has to make an incredibly tough decision about what to do.

It’s a full and action packed series. Other cases for Dr Chris include a massive rhino with foot problems, a lamb that’s been left with shocking injuries after a dog attack, an adventurous kitten that is close to death after a nasty fall and an angry croc that needs some serious dental work.

And of course there’s never a dull moment with Tim at the Australian reptile park, wrangling injured alligators, caring for orphaned baby animals, and teaching the park rookies the delicate and very dangerous art of snake milking.

And always Dr Lisa and Dr Andrew are on standby at the emergency hospital. Treating a run over cat, a Labrador that needs new hips and a poor dog that needs surgery after an horrific home burglary, are just a few of the Sash stories on this season’s action packed series of Bondi Vet.