Why We Love Dr Chris

Published: 23 April 2016

why we love dr chris bondi vet channel ten

Tall of stature, chiselled of jaw, and friend to all creatures great and small, our favourite Bondi Vet is back. And eight seasons in, he’s lost none of his animal magnetism. Here’s why we just can’t get enough of Dr Chris Brown.

He talks to the animals
Okay, perhaps not literally, but Dr Chris’ gift for learning what ails his furry patients makes him Bondi’s answer to Dr Dolittle.

Bondi Vet

His Instagram game is strong
Dr Chris doesn’t travel far and wide without immortalising the moment. Check out his breathtaking Instagram pics – he’s got serious lens flare.

He deserves his own action figure
With his enviable physique and a jaw that’s chiselled from granite, surely it’s only a matter of time before you can take home your very own Dr Chris from the toy store.

He makes a great drinking buddy
It takes a brave soul to throw caution to the wind and attempt knock back a drink comprised of cockroaches, worms, fly pupae and crickets, but in the first season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! that’s just what Chris did. The ensuring regurgitation, however, proved that his eyes were indeed bigger than his stomach. Turns out only Brendan Fevola’s cast iron constitution was a match for ‘Jungle Juice.’

The Living Room Episode 33 Chris Brown Miguel Maestre
He’s half of one of TV’s great bromances
There was a time when Chris Brown and Miguel Maestre weren’t BFFs, but we consider it a dark time and try to deny its existence. To acknowledge it is to put out the fire of friendship that warms our heart. Relive the best of their buddy love here.

He’s an above average dancer
He’s not exactly JT, but CB’s got some moves. Ask him to channel his inner Billy Ray Cyrus and he’ll get his achy breaky groove on, taking you back to ’92 with a boot-scooting display that really shouldn’t be tried at home, in the jungle, or anywhere else for that matter.

He loves tenplay

Go on Chris, tell them what it is about the untamed, exotic beauty that is tenplay you find oh so irresistible.

Bondi Vet season eight airs 6.30 Saturdays on TEN