Everything You Need To Know About Changing Rooms

Published: 07 February 2019

Changing Rooms 2019

Hand over your house keys – the renovation madness is about to begin! Changing Rooms is back with a fresh new look on 13 February

Could you trust your friends, family or neighbours to revamp your home for you?  


Strap yourselves in, because this is exactly what the couples of Changing Rooms are getting themselves into, as they swap keys with their trusted pals to makeover each other’s homes.

With the premiere just around the corner, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about your new favourite show:

How does it work?

Two teams must swap houses to transform three rooms in just five days! With a bit of guidance from Australia’s best interior designers, and a budget of $20,000, each couple must make the executive decision of what colours, textures, patterns (essentially, everything) makes it into their friend or family’s home.

Who helps the couples?

Never fear - the couples have a little help from some the best in the business!

Design top guns Chris Carroll, Jane Thomson, Naomi Findlay and Tim Leveson are here to guide the teams into making the best design decisions.

The experts won’t be making the task any easier though, as the couples will be pushed out of their comfort zones to think bigger, bolder and brighter. From lights to wallpaper, plants to fittings – there’s a lot to consider in only five days! 

Who hosts Changing Rooms?

Australia’s talented all-rounder, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, will be the brand new face of Changing Rooms. Passionate about design and architecture, Natalie will be jumping between houses to witness the ups and downs of the renovation madness!

But what if they don’t like their new home?

Swapping keys sounds like a disaster, but with a shabby home in desperate need of a reno, It’s a risk the couples are willing to take!

They could really love their new home, or they could seriously hate it.

Will there be red, leopard print, or perhaps a pleather kitchen? You can expect it all when the couples come face-to-face with their newly renovated homes.

Check out this little sneak peek of Changing Rooms: