Meet Changing Rooms' Designers

Published: 31 January 2019

Changing Rooms

Life is about to become bigger, brighter and bolder than ever with the arrival of Changing Rooms’ designers!

The home DIYers will be squirming in their seats of their very safe (and boring) beige couches when the designers arrive to help them transform their house.   

And what better way to get to know our bunch of fabulous, brilliant and incredibly stylish designers than with some of their very own inspiration boards?  

Chris Carroll | Interior Designer & Stylist 

Style: Luxe For Less 


Chris is all about attainable design and isn’t afraid to shout from the rooftops that homes can be stylish even with a budget! Chris is ready to push his clients out of their comfort zone, and dislikes the idea that being able to design is exclusive to wealthy people.  

He likes to call himself the “anti-designer, designer” and loves to use a few pricey investment pieces paired with affordable items to achieve his expensive but inexpensive designs. 

Get to know Chris a little better through his inspo boards: 

Changing Rooms 

Jane Thomson | Interior Designer & Stylist    

Style: Elegant, Luxe and Non Cookie-cutter

Changing Rooms

Jane lives by the philosophy of collaboration and connection. But what does that mean? It’s simple: Jane believes that when designing, complementing the architecture is key and ensuring the client is invested and happy with the designs is paramount. 

There’s no beating around the bush with Jane, she’s a straight shooter who has a clear and direct approach. With over 28 years’ experience, Jane’s aim is to leave a space feeling elegant and Luxe, favouring bold statement pieces with selective bits of colour. 

Jane’s collection of items for her dream room paints the perfect picture of the type of design she likes to deliver: 

Changing Rooms 

Naomi Findlay | Design & Renovation Expert 

Style:  Earthy and Liveable 


Naomi was recently voted one of the top five home stylists in THE WORLD for Home Staging and Redesign. Her business aims to help boost property values through design improvements. She gives her heart and soul for every project, all the way through from construction to the design. Functionality is key, but she likes to focus on the sentimentality of her clients’ family and lifestyle. The aim? Bring dead spaces to life and rework the flow of a home. 


Tim Leveson | Interior Designer 

Style: Natural Contemporary 


Tim is a definite risk taker and is never afraid to experiment with pops of colour, greenery and loves to design spaces that create emotion. Tim’s wealth of experience allows him to quickly determine the perfect way to develop a space that highlights its natural flow and its strengths. 

He’s all about contemporary style and is able to create a unique space with his very own original furniture – that means no replicas! Tim aims to challenge his clients’ views and introduce them to styles they may never have imagined, but will probably love! 

Still unsure what Tim’s all about? Take a look at some of his designs…