Having Their Say...

Published: 03 July 2017

common sense tenplay

Introducing the everyday Aussies who'll be giving their take on the topics making the world go round. Common Sense prevails 8.40 Thursday on TEN

Hairdressing mums Nikki and Kathy

Former business partners Robert and Frank

Removalists and best mates Brett and Laurence

Opinionated retirees Jean, Aileen and Ted

Entrepreneurs and self-proclaimed pop culture junkies Helen and Sarah

Cheeky young real estate agents Jake and Ayden

The potato-selling Yip family of Darren, Trudi, Matthew and Eileen

Quintessential Aussie butchers Luke and Eric

Marketing consultants Steve and André

Mother-and-daughter team Lois and Michelle-Ann, along with Betty, all of whom work in a bra shop

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