Farewells From The Dancefloor

Published: 22 April 2019

Dancing With The Stars 2019 Judges Revealed

Find out who waved the dancefloor goodbye in the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars

Episode 10: Constance and Courtney

In an epic season finale, it was time for our judges' scores and the rest of Australia to decide who would walk away with the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Coming in 3rd place, Constance Hall was surrounded by a standing ovation and an army of support, thanks to her fans across the country. 

Thanking the judges, her supporters, and of course those looking after her kids, Constance felt "really honoured" to be a part of the competition, alongside her grateful and hardworking dance partner, Gustavo.

It was down to the wire, as Courtney and Samuel were our final two, but it was Courtney Act that just missed out on winning the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Stealing with spotlight with an incredible freestyle dance in tonight's episode, Courtney and Josh earn't 10's all-round with a performance that Craig described with "one word beginning with F; FAB-U-LOUS!".

The dancing duo impressed the country with their flawless performances each week, and earned lots of support from the expert judges and fans Australia-wide.  

Episode 9: Jett

"I've had some really good times. Lily, we've had our ups and our downs but for her to get me here is a big feat."

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but it was Jett Kenny's curtain call tonight as he and partner Lily fell at the final hurdle¬ in tonight's Dancing With The Stars live semi-final.

With combined viewer votes and judges scores, Jett and Lily alongside Samuel Johnson and dance partner Jorja found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard and facing a Jive dance off.

The judges decided to save Samuel and Jorja as they had a slight edge to their routine. Craig said the decision was "hideous" as he loves them both.

Jett Kenny Dancing With The Stars Elimination 2019

Episode 8: Jimmy

"It's been a tough decision to give up on the competition, but my family needs me now and I'll be spending time with them."

Unfortunately, Jimmy Rees had to make the tough decision to withdraw from Dancing With The Stars after his new born son underwent a medical emergency. As he didn't perform in tonight's episode, Constance, Courtney, Jett and Samuel were safe from elimination and will compete in the semi-final.

Hear the truly heartbreaking and emotional video message Jimmy Rees made for his supporters and Dancing With The Stars family.

Episode 7: Curtly

"As long as the fans appreciate it and enjoy it, well than I'm quite happy."

Tonight's Dancing With The Stars had it all - laughter, triumph, drag, even Scott Tweedie! However, it was cricketing great Sir Curtly Ambrose and partner Siobhan who departed the dance floor.

Facing off against Jimmy and his partner Alex in the final dance off, the judges elected to save Jimmy. On his exit, Sir Curtly thanked the public for all the support he received during his experience on the show and when asked about teaching his wife Bridgette to dance, he joked; "I won’t make any promises".

Sir Curtly Ambrose with Siobhan Dancing With The Stars Australia 2019 Elimination

Episode 6: Michelle

"He's been through thick and thin with me and has the patience of a saint."

With last week’s elimination proving no one is safe, there was another shock elimination in tonight’s Dancing With The Stars as Michelle Bridges and her partner Aric quickstepped for the final time.

Despite an impressive routine and a victory over Constance Hall in the dance off, it still wasn’t to be for the fitness icon. 

In her departing words she paid tribute to her dance partner Aric, saying: "I'm sorry we didn't keep going but I'm also really grateful for the experience."

Michelle Bridges Aric Dancing With The Stars Elimination 2019

Episode 5: Olympia

"I can't believe I'm getting voted out in this outfit!"

In tonight's Movie Night themed Dancing With The Stars extravaganza, the final credits rolled for Olympia Valance and her partner Jarryd.

While the celebrities upped the ante this week, learning two spectacular dance routines to the soundtrack of some of the greatest films to splash on the silver screen, unfortunately the extra challenge took its toll for Olympia.

Jarryd Byrne and Olympia Valance Dancing With The Stars Elimination 2019

Episode 4: Cassandra

"I've learnt a lot from this experience."

In this week's episode of Dancing With The Stars, Cassandra Thorburn and dance partner Marco said adios to their dancing dreams.

Alongside Michelle and Aric and Jimmy and Alex, who all found themselves in the bottom three, on hearing that she was leaving, Cassandra said “I am just really happy that people supported me and kept me here for as long as they did, they made me feel really special, like a big hug from the public after a troublesome couple of years."

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Cassandra Thorburn Dancing With The Stars Elimination 2019

Episode 3: Denise

"It’s been a blast but I’m tired. I came here because I wanted to take on a challenge and I found it so hard."

In tonight's episode of Dancing With The Stars, Denise Scott and partner Jeremy performed their final Cha-Cha.

Our celebrities showcased personal stories that shaped who they are in this week's theme - My Memorable Year.

For comedian Denise Scott, it was 1966 where our favourite Aussie comedian discovered her fear of failure. At only eleven years old, Denise was petrified before a talent quest, however she pushed through her performance and won the competition. 

Denise and Jeremy transported us to this moment with a fearless and fabulous Cha-Cha routine which unfortunately for the pair, wasn't enough to keep them in the competition.

Watch an exclusive behind the scenes video of how Denise and Jeremy would rehearse before their showstopping performance.

Denise and Jeremy Dancing With The Stars Australia Episode 3 2019

Episode 2: Miguel

"I did try my best. I think in life, I put in everything I have."

In this week's episode of Dancing With The Stars, The Living Room star Miguel Maestre and his partner Megan, tangoed their last dance.

This week's theme was 'My Jam', so the celebrities Cha-Cha'd, jived and samba'd to their favourite songs.

Miguel drew on his humble beginnings in his Tango to 'The Greatest Show', from the 2017 movie 'The Greatest Showman'. "It reflects the story of my life," said Miguel, "...all he's got is passion and zest for life, and he achieves everything..."

Miguel and Megan's performance certainly didn't lack passion or character. Ultimately, however, the pair's enthusiasm wasn't enough to keep them in the competition.

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Miguel Maestre and Megan Wragg Dancing With The Stars Australia Episode 2 2019