Farewell Family Feud

Published: 16 July 2018

Family Feud, Grant Denyer, 2018

After nearly 1200 episodes and 3 Logie Award wins, Family Feud is about to enter its last week on air. To say farewell to the Feud, we look back at four fantastic years of laughs, spontaneous dancing and some very questionable responses

Family Feud, Silly Answer, 2018

The craziest answers

We’ve seen contestants under pressure come up with some of the best/worst answers to the most seemingly simple questions.

The pressure

There have been hilarious record-breaking low scores and spectacular Fast Money fails.

Family Feud, Article, 2018

“Set the scene, tell us what happened.”

Contestants have shared (and over-shared) some amazing stories, showed us their unique talents and haven’t shied away from the banter.

The families that made the Feud

Almost 5,000 family members have stood excitedly behind the Feud podiums, ready to hit the iconic red buzzers. Some of them were a little too keen!

Family Feud, Clothier Win, 2018

The money, the cars, the glory

Family Feud has given away 39 cars and almost $6.2 million dollars to families all around Australia. This includes the history-making win from the Clothier family, who cleaned up on Fast Money all five nights on top of scoring a brand new car. Legends.

Family Feud, Article, 2018

Survey says…

Grant Denyer and Family Feud have brought family fun to Aussie living rooms for six nights a week over the past four years. It’s both fitting and well-deserved that Grant could walk away from the 60th Logie Awards with a Gold Logie for his hard work on the show.

Survey says, thanks for all the laughs!

Catch the final week of Family Feud, 6:00 weeknights on TEN, and catch up on tenplay