Jungle Bromances To Remember

Published: 22 December 2016

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Remember these three jungle bromances from seasons past?

Sleeping on lumpy camp beds, sharing a long drop and daily meals of bugs are all surefire ways to make a budding bromance bloom. From odd couples to peas in a mischievous pod, here are three pairs of best buds to remember.

Barry and Joel

Season one's unlikely partnership between ex-AFL player Barry Hall and comedian Joel Creasey quickly became a strong bond. The pair often chatted about sensitive topics such as homophobia in sport. They made an incredible team, supporting each other throughout the Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Tucker Trial, that saw the duo suspended in the air, inching across a tightrope.

And last but not least, who could forget their bromantic dessert date (below).

Fev and Anthony

Another unexpected duo, AFL's Brendan Fevola and singer Anthony Callea formed a brotherly bond that brought out their mischievous sides in season two. Pranking their campmates became a favourite pastime; see their hilarious modesty smock gag for example. Their biggest con of all? The long-running yet well-intentioned Lumberjack Challenge that saw our lovable twosome secretly indulge themselves in order to earn treats for their fellow celebs. Hearts of gold, the both of them.

After the shared trauma of the Flash Flood 2 Tucker Trial, we're sure these two will be best friends forever.

Warnie and Fev

With a friendship harking back to pre-I'm A Celebrity times, the reunion of Fev and Warnie in season two set the standard for all other jungle bromances to come. The sportsmen would never miss an opportunity to make each other the butt of a joke, but it was Warnie who finally one-upped his co-prankster with an elaborate con to end all cons.

Pranks and banter aside, Fev and Warnie did have their fair share of bust-ups. There's no doubt, however, that their bromance will hold through thick and thin, or any future spider-related trauma.

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