Top 6 Tucker Trial Heroes

Published: 01 December 2016

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Here are six brave celebs who'll go down in Tucker Trial history

Magnificent Merv and Maureen in ‘Yuck of the Draw’

Merv and Maureen set the bar for grub-gobbling in season one’s Tucker Trial Chewsday, ‘Yuck of the Draw.’ Despite host Julia’s warning that most ‘dishes’ were still alive and squirming, Merv slurped up his first course, earthworms, in a snap. A determined Maureen squealed and spluttered through dishes one and two (mealworms, fly pupae) until faced with a bowl of cockroaches. Watch the clip below to see how Merv encouraged Maureen to eat a roach – you may never look at chips the same way again – then stay for the grisly final courses.

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I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Maureen the Amazing in ‘In the Pits’

In ‘In the Pits’, the former Marcia Brady continued to wow everyone by diving into not one but two putrid pools. The seemingly unflappable Maureen hopped from the first hot tub from hell (offal, fish guts and blood) to the next (watered-down elephant dung) without hesitation. Seeing her completely submerged in poop and mistaking “a piece of sh*t” for a star really is a TV moment not to miss.

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Chrissie the Champ in ‘Walk the Line’

There was one standout performance from the ‘Walk the Line’ Tucker Trial, which involved a tightrope suspended across a ridiculously high dam wall, and it’s Chrissie Swan’s. Indeed, the trial brought out the best in each of the six celebs, but it was Chrissie who shone, overcoming some serious self-doubt to bring it home for her team. If her courageous struggle back to her feet doesn’t bring a proud tear to your eye then we don’t know what will.

Wonderful Warnie in ‘Spin the Bottle’

We’re betting Warnie had never played a game of spin the bottle quite like this. Instead of smooches, the only thing to touch his lips in this Tucker Trial were vom-inducing drinks called ‘Sauvignon Plonk’ (blended fish guts and off oysters) and ‘Shir-rats’ (rat offal complete with rat tail garnish). Like the legend he is, Warnie skolled them all and more, even smashing the stem of his final glass of ‘Hur-lot’. Howzat!

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I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Shane Warne Warnie Warney

Fearless Ms. Fleure in The Viper Room

Most may find it difficult to relax when covered in writhing snakes, including a pair of mating pythons, but not Laurina Fleure! And her cool-as-the-proverbial-cucumber performance couldn’t have come at a better moment. After her lacklustre performance in Spin the Bottle, it was make-or-break for Laurina at The Viper Room. Somehow she managed to keep calm amongst the dark, slithery chaos and emerge a zen-like being, leaving the hosts – and Australia – in awe.

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Laurina Fleure

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Go, Go Jo Beth in ‘The World’s End’

First things first, this was the most extreme trial ever attempted on I’m A Celebrity worldwide. Even crew members who constructed and tested it confessed their terror. So how would Jo Beth Taylor of Hey Hey It's Saturday fame fare in The World’s End? Pretty darn well, as it happens! Perched on a tower a queasy two hundred feet above sea level, Jo Beth nabbed as many stars as she could for her hungry campmates, kicking her fear of heights off the cliff edge.

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