Pimped Up Banana Bread

Recipe by: Darren Purchese

Serves: 6


Banana & Chocolate Bread:

Walnut & Honey Jam:

Milk Chocolate Cream:


Light Cream Cheese Foam:

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    Banana & Chocolate Bread
    1. Line a large loaf tin 28cm X 13cm X 6.5cm (or two small tins) with baking paper and canola spray
    2. Sieve the flour, bicarbonate of soda and the nutmeg into a bowl and add the salt
    3. Melt the butter and add the sugar and vanilla seeds. Mix well in an electric mixer for 10 minutes on high speed before turning the machine to medium and adding the eggs one at a time until all three are incorporated
    4. Mix for five minutes on medium speed before adding the banana and mango to the mix
    5. Remove from the machine and mix in the dry ingredients using a spatula, add the chocolate and turn the mixture into the prepared tin. Smooth in and flatten with a small spatula or spoon
    6. Place the bread into an oven preheated to 160ºC and cook for an hour or until the top of the loaf is golden brown and it is cooked through
    7. Remove from the oven and allow the loaves to cool for 30 minutes in the tin before turning them out. Serve immediately or wrap up for later
    Walnut & Honey Jam
    1. Place the nuts into a small saucepan and cover with the water. Place over a medium heat and simmer until the nuts are very soft, about 25 minutes
    2. Drain the nuts and discard the water, place them into a blender and blitz adding in the honey and salt
    3. Blend until smooth-ish and add a little warm water if too thick
    Milk Chocolate Cream
    1. Boil the cream and pour it onto the chocolate in a bowl, allow it to sit for 20 seconds before stirring with a spatula or whisk to emulsify. Use immediately
    1. Place the water, honey, glucose and sugar into an overlarge heavy bottomed saucepan. I like to use a cast iron pan for this but you can use a sturdy stainless steel one if you need. Ensure the pan is much larger than the volume of the contents as the mixture will expand later on in cooking
    2. Line the base and sides of a 20cm X 20cm X 8cm deep square cake pan with baking paper. Liberally spray the paper with canola oil
    3. Heat the mixture in the pan, whisking constantly. Have the bicarbonate of soda at the ready for the end
    4. Cook the syrup until it starts to colour, around 155C on a digital or sugar thermometer. Once the temperature has been reached turn the heat off, remove any thermometers and mix the syrup using a hand whisk
    5. Whisk in well the bicarbonate of soda; be careful, as the mixture will now expand furiously up to the top of the saucepan. This mixture is very HOT and will burn you badly if you touch it
    6. Lift the pan carefully and pour the honeycomb into the prepared tin using the whisk to scoop the entire honeycomb out
    7. Leave the honeycomb to cool for at least two hours before breaking into irregular pieces
    Light Cream Cheese Foam
    1. Heat the milk, cream and the sugar syrup together in a saucepan. Remove from the heat and stir in the cream cheese and salt
    2. Transfer the mix into a 1L siphon gun and charge the gun with two N20 whip cream chargers
    3. Shake vigorously and leave in the fridge for an hour. Shake again vigorously before use
    1. Spoon a small amount of walnut & honey jam into the base of each serving glass
    2. Place a few pieces of fresh cut mango into the base of the glass, I use 3 X 1cm square cubes
    3. Evenly pour the milk chocolate cream into the base of each glass. Leave the glasses to set in the fridge for an hour before finishing them just before serving
    4. Add cubes of banana & mango bread into the glass with slices of banana and broken pieces of honeycomb
    5. Discharge the light cream cheese foam gently on top of each glass and grate over some dark chocolate, serve immediately
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