EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Guest Chef Brendan Wessels

Published: 10 June 2018

MasterChef Australia

South African chef Brendan Wessels is set to surprise the judges and contestants of MasterChef 2018. Head Chef of d’Arenberg Cube in South Australia, Brendan’s eye for detail in his complex, yet wildly imaginative dishes will fill the contestants with awe and wonder.

What comes to mind when you think of MasterChef Australia

Georgie! Georgie! Georgie! Seriously though, excitement about food. 

How do you feel about joining MasterChef Australia as a guest chef for its tenth season? 

I feel very privileged that our establishment was chosen.

What did you enjoy most about your experience? Any surprises? 

I loved being able to work with the MC crew before the filming, and then actually meeting George, Gary and Matt and the contestants. It was a fascinating process. I honestly had very little idea of what it would entail or what I was supposed to do, so very much a fish out of water. 

How would you describe the calibre of the contestants, and the dishes they produced? 

Very impressive, a very high degree of competency. 

What are your simple yet effective tips for home cooks? 

Fall in love with food, the rest follows easily. 

What is your favourite thing about cooking, and who or what keeps you inspired? 

I love the obsession and the perpetually changing environment that it creates. You constantly chase this illusion of consistency and execution, and just when you believe that you have a hold on it, you’ll taste or smell something new, or see something different, or hear of some one who’s doing this off the chart technique or presentation, and you’re off again, running frantically to understand more, learn more, taste more, know more… 

What exciting new projects do you have on the boil that you can share with us? 

Hmm hmm hmm….