The Contestants Crank Up The Heat

Published: 07 June 2019

MasterChef Australia

This long weekend will be BIG for MasterChef, and will be filled we more surprises you cannot miss! How can there possibly be more?

It's Getting Hot In Here 

This long weekend is going to be HOT! We've reached the halfway mark, the contestants are feeling the pressure, and with the dreaded Everything Box challenge - where they must use every one of the eight ingredients in a very hot and spicy Mystery Box - the notch has definitely been turned up. Will the judges be impressed?    

Speaking of Judges, come episode 30 it's gonna get SUPER HOT in the kitchen when George tackles the spiciest dish ever. But how could it beat any of the memorable super spicy dishes that have come before? Like Jarrod's Goan Fish Curry? We don't know how, all we know is this Sunday George will sweat like he never has before. 


Then comes the Invention Test, where the contestants will have to cook a dish using an ingredient in its entirety. They'll need to get extra creative, as only the three most appealing dishes will be tasted. Three contestants will finish on top and three will face off in the Elimination Challenge on Monday night. Which leads us onto our next point...   

Guess Who's Back? 

It's that time of the season when the previously eliminated contestants return for a second chance at getting back into the competition. This fight for a spot is crucial and in previous seasons has had a BIG impact.  

MasterChef legend (and now a Guest Mentor) Poh Ling Yeow has left a lasting impression on all contestants that follow in her footsteps. What you may have forgotten about Poh is that she was eliminated in Season 1 Episode 1, but was one of the contestants - along with Everyday Gourmet's Justine Schofield - to receive a second chance. She ended up making it to the Grand Final and cooking against Julie Goodwin - this proves how valuable a second shot can be!  


But as always, this will be no easy challenge, with contestants under pressure to bring the judges their best possible dish.  

After shock elimination after shock elimination, who will return to the kitchen and turn up that heat? 


MasterChef Australia airs 7.30 Sunday to Thursday on 10 & 10 play