7 Things You Missed From Week Two

Published: 10 May 2019

MasterChef Australia

Week 2 saw three contestants eliminated from the competition and we are shocked.

1. The Black Mystery Box Challenge  

Things were a little different this week with not one, but two Mystery Box challenges. And for the second box, the risk was greater - the least impressive dish would send a contestant home. Unfortunately, Huda struggled with her cook and was the first contestant to be sent home from the competition. 

2. Darren Purchese And His Bombe Alaska Pressure Test

This Pressure Test sure put the heat on the contestants and everyone was shocked when favourite, Dee, was sent home. ICYMI - Dee dished up some seriously impressive dishes in Week One, but the Bombe Alaska showed the contestants just how tricky a Pressure Test can be. 

MasterChef 2019 Episode 6 Darren Purchese Pressure Test 

3. The First Professional Chef Immunity Cook Off 

And boy did it deliver. History was made when the judges announced that both Tessa and Derek would be competing for two potential pins in Round Two, against Young Chef of the Year - Max Sharrad. 


4. Poh Mentored The Immunity Challenge 

We love Poh, and we love watching her mentor the Season 11 contestants. She offered great advice and guided the contestants in creating some phenomenal dishes. 

5. And Tessa Got A 10/10 For Her Dish 

Tessa showed everyone that she has got some SERIOUS cooking skills. Not only did she get a 10 from one of the judges, but she also beat the professional chef and won herself an Immunity Pin. She has set the bar for future Immunity Challenges very high. 

6. We Had The First MasterClass Of The Season

George and Matt were accompanied by Poh, Billie and Matt Sinclair in the first MasterClass of the season and it was a blissful way to end the week. We love seeing the masters of the MasterChef kitchen strut their stuff and show off their skillz. 

7. And last but certainly not least... NIGELLA IS COMING NIGELLA IS COMING

You read that correctly, the queen of home cooking is making her way back into the MasterChef kitchen and we get to indulge in all things Nigella for an entire week. It doesn't get better than that!


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