5 Things You Missed From Queensland Week

Published: 07 June 2019

Queensland Week MasterChef

MasterChef visited Queensland for a week full of crazy challenges, fired-up kitchens and mouth-watering dishes.

1. MasterChef visits Queensland for the first time

The contestants and the judges headed north for a week to cook in one of Australia’s most beautiful locations, Queensland. The contestants made some cracking dishes with cracking produce, all set in a cracking location (no plates were harmed).

Queensland Week with MasterChef Fireworks Brisbane 

2. We didn’t start the fire... it was the pork belly

Our firestarter duo, Steph and Larissa, went full Prodigy mode as they cranked up the oven, causing their more-than-crispy pork belly to catch fire. Unfortunately for the pair, they were dismissed from the Food Truck Team Challenge, but everyone was safe!

3. Difficult dessert

Shannon Kellam entered the MasterChef kitchen with an incredibly challenging dessert of his own - Chocolate de Passion. Our contestants Steph, Ben and Larissa did their best to replicate the dish, but unfortunately for Tim, it was time to go home. 

Recipe Week 6 Chocolate de Passion

4. Derek's cake had icing... on the bottom

It was an edgy move but a risk worth taking as the judges loved it. Well done Derek!

5. Congrats to Elena Duggen!

To help the contestants cook up a barbecue feast, Sunshine Coast local and Season 8 winner, Elena Duggan, returned to the family to give her best advice. She also announced she has “a very sweet bun in the oven”!